A new offensive coordinator?

Following a report in the Omaha World Herald that quoted an unnamed source about coach Frank Solich announcing the naming of a new offensive coordinator, the press was in full force for today's post practice address from the head coach. There were other issues at hand such as the status of Josh Brown and who will replace him if needed, but this article was the topic people wanted to know about. As to his reaction, well, coach Solich wasn't thrilled.

"I did look at that article." Solich stated in regards to the World Herald piece. "I'm not sure about a reliable source. To me, I have not made a decision in some areas as to what I want to do and what direction I will go and I also have indicated that the decisions will be handled after the season in terms of announcements"

"That's the bottom line and it's always a little tough to feel like that you are being told exactly what is going to happen by an unnamed source."

"You don't know if that unnamed source is on alcohol or drugs, if that unnamed source is reliable or if that unnamed source exists, so for someone to be dictating what's going to happen down the road and to be putting everyone in a frenzy about it, I think is poor journalism."

Solich wouldn't state anything further on this but reiterated that any announcements will not come until the end of the season.

Also, Josh Brown will not play this weekend and a kicker has not been determined. In fact, the staff is being very secretive as to who might even be the kicker, much less the situation at hand.

Jermaine Leslie also suffered a separated ankle and will be out for some time. They are evaluating it and will establish whether he needs surgery or not.

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