Post Game Audio

Check out some audio from coaches and players as they talk about game number one as Nebraska beats Western Michigan, 47-24

Head Coach Bo Pelini

It was a win, Not a finished product, Cody Glenn, The run game, Intensity in second half, Joe's mobility, Defensive mistakes, The first defensive series, Good and bad, Being a head coach the same as any other, Field Goals, Injuries, The clock

Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson

Effort was outstanding, The run game, Joe's mobility, Effort plays, Dreu Young, Roy Helu Jr., Grading Joe, Options when run isn't working, Chemistry on offensive line, Menelik Holt

Linebackers Coach Mike Ekeler

Out of his cage, Cody Glenn's big start, Not perfect yet, No surprises, Phillip Dillard, Sean Fisher, Special teams, Enjoying the game

Wide Receiver Menelik Holt

A good day, Catching the day, Receivers making plays, practice makes perfect

Linebacker Phillip Dillard

Grading the first game, the closeness, flying to the ball, differences, Cody Glenn

Linebacker Sean Fisher

Finally playing, Nebraska kid in Memorial, Playing time, Watching the linebackers

Tight End Michael McNeill

Finally playing, TD catch, Legit tight ends, Proving a lot, Dreu's catch

Offensive Lineman Marcel Jones

Pounding the rock, Western Michigan doing their best, The first start, Chemistry

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