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Check out tonight's radio show as we get you caught up with all things Huskers and Husker recruiting.

Nebraska has one game under their belt now, but what does it mean? What's the good, the bad and potentially ugly?

Who starred, perhaps struggled and where do we see the team going from here as they head into week two of the 2008 campagin?

Also, where's recruiting in all this, and how does the season now impact what's going on, who has visited and where do we see recruiting going from here on into the season and beyond?

We'll touch base on all those things as we get you caught up and even answer your questions during the show.

So, tune in tonight at 8:00 P.M. central time, and if you have any questions for the show send them to and we'll get to them on the air.

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So, get caught up with the Huskers by listening to night as we bring you commercial-free, non-stop talk about the Huskers.

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