Post Practice Audio Bytes

Check out post practice audio from Head Coach Bo Pelini as he talks about the game that was and what's in store for the week. Secondary coach Marvin Sanders talks about the hits and misses from game-one. Linebacker Cody Glenn talks about his monster game, and quarterback Joe Ganz talks about the good and bad from the season-opener against Western Michigan.

Head Coach Bo Pelini

A good practice, evaluating the game, The run game, Matt O'Hanlon, Walk-ons starting, Rickey Thenarse, Lydon Murtha

Quarterback Joe Ganz

A little sore, We're close, The two interceptions, Throwing on the run

Secondary Coach Marvin Sanders

Being young, fatigue, Major Culbert, Western Michigan setting up late?, Satisfied?, Prince and company, Matt O'Hanlon, San Jose State

Linebacker Cody Glenn

The first play, Challenges, Feeling good, Looking at film, They're picking on me, You ain't no linebacker

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