Rodriguez sees Lincoln

The timing of the weekend's game might have been convenient. The Huskers were able to bring in one of the top in-state targets for 2010 before the actual date to extend offers. It was probably enough to just allude to the fact that an offer is coming to get Andrew Rodriguez really thinking about the possibility of being a Nebraska Cornhusker.

The stories and the pictures of Andrew Rodriguez from Aurora (Nebr.) his sophomore year at summer camp spread like wildfire across the Internet. The 6-foot-6 and 300-pound sophomore was put together like basically none other seen.

That's why it's no surprise that while Nebraska didn't have any official visitors in this past weekend for Western Michigan that Andrew Rodriguez was one of a few, key unofficial guests in the stands.

"Yeah, I went to the game and stuff as well as talked to the coaches," Rodriguez said. "That was my first time since last year. I got hurt at the Nike combine. I sprained my knee."

The visit went great for Rodriguez who had a chance to really sit down with the offensive line position coach who spoke to him about Nebraska's desire for Rodriguez to play college ball for them in the future.

"It was a great trip. I spoke with Barney Cotton and stuff. He was very interested in me being there as well as playing for Nebraska somewhere down the road.

"They were saying that I should be getting a call. I think that means that I will be getting an offer from Nebraska sometime soon."

An offer from Nebraska will go a long way with Rodriguez, but he is looking at the complete package when it comes to picking out a school. Nebraska has to be able to give Rodriguez all of the opportunities that he is looking for.

"To be honest, if they don't give me what I want, I am not going to go there. I need to have what I want in a college to go there. I need the opportunities.

"I am worried about football, but I am also worried about academics. I need my education too. I need to take a look at everything that a school has to offer."

From what Rodriguez has seen and knows about Nebraska, he believes that Nebraska satisfies his requirements. However, the decision will be tough for him to make.

"Nebraska does offer me the opportunities that I want, but there are other schools that offer me the same opportunities as Nebraska. My options are open.

"Like I said, if they really want me that bad, then I don't know. I know that this is going to be a tough decision for me and my future."

One of the reasons why the decision will be so hard is because of the other schools that are showing interest and the type of interest that those schools are saying that they have in him.

"I am getting a lot of interest from Miami, Oregon, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa and Utah right now. That is about it. They all have sent me letters saying I was a top prospect in 2010."

There is probably a chance that Rodriguez will be back in Lincoln for some other games this fall. However, he isn't too sure what other schools he might be able to visit this year.

"I am not too sure about that. I might take some other trips to some other schools in some other states. Right now, Nebraska facilities, academic facilities and everything have me thinking a lot about Nebraska, but I am leaving my options open."

Aurora had a big win Friday night against a team that has basically dominated their class the last two or three years. "We played Crete on Friday night. We beat them 23-22 in double overtime. It was a great win."

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