Huskers host Northwest RB

While many might look back at the opening weekend in Lincoln as a missed opportunity to bring in any official visitors; the Huskers did redeem themselves by bringing in the top two junior prospects from the state. Along with Andrew Rodriguez from Aurora (Nebr.) in the stands was Antaries Daniels, a running back from Omaha (Nebr.) Northwest, who left a good impression at camp.

It was a rough night the night before for Antaries Daniels. The 5-foot-10 and 185-pound running back from Omaha (Nebr.) Northwest had a tough loss when they had to play a lot of players not familiar with varsity level competition.

"We got stomped by Northstar," Daniels said. "They are pretty good this year. We got beat 55-0. We had to play a lot of people that never played varsity before."

While Friday night was rough, Saturday was better, much better. Daniels took a trip down I80 to Lincoln from Omaha to see one of his top two choices in action in their season opener.

"I went up to Lincoln for an unofficial visit on Saturday night. It was tight. It was a great visit, but I haven't been on any other visits though. Nebraska is definitely in my top two."

While Nebraska is one of the top two schools for Daniels he didn't come away all that impressed with the offense that Nebraska showed mostly because of all the passing and lack of running the ball.

"I didn't really like the offense that night because they passed a lot, but I don't know, they could use me a lot as a receiver and I wouldn't mind as much.

"I really liked the atmosphere. It just feels good to step onto the campus. Everyone there is just a diehard football fan. I like that energy and I like that support."

One thing that Daniels really liked was the fact that the head coach at Nebraska sought him out to let him know that he knew what Daniels was going through with the season so far.

"I really liked that Bo Pelini understood what I was going through as a player with the loss the night before. He told me that he understood and we really related well."

While Daniels would have preferred to see Nebraska run the ball a little more; Daniels does consider himself an all-purpose back and could benefit from an offense like Nebraska has to move him around.

"I am an all-purpose back. I led the team in receiving last year and that kind of says that I am all-purpose. I love to be all over the field and on returns.

"I know that Marlon Lucky got some carries and then they had some other running backs that got some carries. I think that playing receiver and return duties give me more opportunities to touch the ball."

There wasn't a chance to Daniels to sit down with Nebraska a lot to talk about possibly getting an offer. The fact that the coaches knew who Daniels was without a nametag meant a lot to him though.

"We really didn't talk about me getting an offer. Bo Pelini really just came over, shook my hand and said that he wanted me to have a good time. All of the coaches knew who I was even though I didn't have a nametag on.

"I hope that Nebraska offers me though. I guess that they really liked me at their camp this summer. Coach Tim Beck knows what I can do and he saw me working at a higher level. I would be grateful if they did offer."

There is one other school beyond Nebraska that is showing Daniels a lot of interest. There is a player that is down in Kansas now that talks to the Kansas coaches a lot about Daniels and his ability.

"I would say Kansas. I am hearing a lot of things about how they like me there. I have a buddy that goes to school there now who I used to train with and he talks to their coaches a lot about me."

Daniels is looking at the possibility of returning back to Lincoln this weekend for another unofficial visit. He really enjoyed the energy that the crowd had Saturday night and talking with the other recruits.

"I hope so. I had a lot of fun there on my visit. It was a pretty tight visit. The fans were going nuts. I spoke to Ty Kildow there this last weekend. He is doing a lot better with the knee injury and he might be able to get back on the field again."

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