What do you expect?

In the Denver Post, there is a very nice article pleading with fans from both Universities that discretion is merited in what should be a spirited weekend. In close proximity to that article is a piece blasting NU for a little of this and that. One pleading for piece right next to one vilifying the opponent. Welcome to Colorado.

Colorado fans have issues. Ok, that's like saying water is wet. It's redundant and everyone already knows. Even their own University has had to do and say things to try and curtail the activity that has become almost patented by the avid Buff followers. I mean, give it up to a fan base that can actually bring police out with tear gas.

And their media is just as bad. They are so hypocritical, even their marquee paper gets confused as to the message they are trying to send.

If you turn to a Colorado sports page, you are likely to see one article blasting the opponent followed by another blasting their own program.

One of their finest and most appropriate representatives is Woody Paige, a blowhard with a pen who has been sued or was threatened to be sued by parties ranging from the Denver Broncos to all of Mormon kind. You ever see the show "Around the Horn" on ESPN, where writers from around the country chime in with their opinions on this or that?

Woody is the one always getting muted. Need I say more?

He's just the tip of the iceberg though as the Colorado media are the epitome of just what you don't want your journalism market to turn into. Lambasting Barnett, insulting NU, scolding the way the University of Colorado is run, blasting NU. Pleading for good sportsmanship from all of the fans, while inking some editorial diatribe about how Nebraska represents all that is bad in the sporting arena.

It's nothing to them as they've been doing it for years. The only problem is, they don't admit it. While I am perfectly capable of sitting here and saying that I am prone to write something good about Nebraska versus the bad. While I am quite willing to admit that I sometimes speak with my heart and not my head when picking who wins a game, you ask most of those from the CU media, it's basically spun down to "We're right and you're wrong, unless we say otherwise".

So, just a word to those that want a little advice with attending CU football games or reading Colorado sports media. For the football games, bring a gas mask. For a day of reading the sports pages, well, I would bring a split personality, because that's probably the only way you are going to be able to make sense out of their ever-changing message.

There is one good thing about CU fans and the Colorado media though. Most of them are in Colorado.

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