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The last of the six official visitors to set up his visit was Fort Scott (Kans.) outside linebacker, Jaquian Williams. The 6-foot-4 and 230-pound Williams went up to Nebraska this weekend as part of a trio of Fort Scott players. Williams didn't have his whole heart into the trip, but after the visit the Huskers have rocketed up towards the top of his list.

For Jacquian Williams and the other players from Fort Scott (Kans.) that visited Nebraska this weekend has been a long one. They were up before dawn heading back home to get ready for game two.

"It's been a long day," Williams said. "We left Nebraska early this morning to get back to Fort Scott early enough this morning so we could go to practice."

While today has been a long day, the weekend was worth it. The trip to Nebraska really opened his eyes, especially the crowd, that seemed to rally around their team.

"I have taken a lot of other visits, and not saying that those other visits aren't any good, but I really was excited how the crowd got so pumped and got the team going yesterday.

"I have seen South Florida, Akron and Arkansas. I really liked that atmosphere and how the fans just go all out for their team. It's very important to them and that really amazed me."

Williams went to Nebraska with not a high level of interest going into the visit. But, after the visit, the interest level has shot up and Nebraska is a legitimate contender to get Williams' services.

"I would say that my interest level in going was about 50% before the trip, but I saw that, the coaches and all that and it bumped it up to 70 or 80%. It was good to experience all that."

Besides the game and the crowd, Williams came away the most impressed with the academic facilities. Williams said that Nebraska understands the difficulty to be a student-athlete and they are there to help.

"The academics were probably the best thing that I saw. You really have to want to fail, not even care, to not pass your classes. The staff there is on you hard.

"They know that you will miss a class before you actually miss the class. I appreciate that. That is what a lot of athletes need and they understand that."

Beyond the game and the academics, Williams came away impressed with the facilities. He got a chance to see a little shrine to Nebraska's three Heisman Trophy winners too.

"Their facilities are nice. They have their little Heisman room, the food was good and everything was just very nice. I liked that place a lot."

If there is one thing going against Nebraska it might be that Lincoln isn't a huge city. Williams didn't anticipate coming out to Fort Scott for two and a half years and when he goes 1A he would like a larger town near his school.

"I have been in Fort Scott know for two and a half years, in the country, and I was looking to go to more a larger city. Lincoln is a lot better than Fort Scott, don't get me wrong.

"Me and Coach Bo Pelini talked about this and how that isn't the most important thing. I asked him to help me with my decision somewhat to go through the process.

"We talked about it and he said that if I know that there are going to be problems going back home then don't go. He said that if there are any 'buts' in your decision, then don't go."

The trip yielded an offer for Williams and Nebraska gave him some ideas on how they would like to use him. What Nebraska said was music to his ears because he has been asking Fort Scott to do the same thing.

"Nebraska did offer me while I was up there on the trip. They said that they want to use me to scheme around. To put me all over the field and train me into a freak.

"That is something that I have been telling the coaches at Fort Scott that I wanted to do. For the longest time, I have been waiting on that."

After the trip, the Huskers find themself right in the thick of it for Williams. "Nebraska is number two. They are behind South Florida because I kind of want to go back home. I need to just think about things."

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