Kinnie is about "N"?

At first, it was just Brandon Kinnie coming up from Fort Scott (Kans.) and after a first game performance by him that included seven receptions for 148 yards and four scores from his wide out position, it was enough. Kinnie could be that bigger frame, big play receiver that Nebraska might be looking for to take their offense to another level. What did he think about his visit?

Nebraska had a trio of players in from Fort Scott (Kans.) this weekend and Brandon Kinnie was one of the three. The 6-foot-3 and 215-pound Kinnie said that there was need to get back to Kansas early this morning.

"We had practice this morning at Fort Scott," Kinnie said. "We had to leave early to get back here to get ready for our second game."

The weekend started on Friday morning with the drive up to Lincoln. There was a need to get up there to see practice and do the team related activities that night.

"We left about 10:00 on Friday and got there about 3:00. We watched their walk-through. It was real cool, real relaxed. Getting their heads right before the game.

"We had the pre-game meal with the team, which was cool, and then went to the movies with the team. We went to the hotel to see the meetings and then back to our hotel for the night."

The next morning was earlier than Friday with a little tour and then down to the field for pre-game. After that, Kinnie and the other visitors went up to their seats.

"We had to meet in the lobby at 9:00. We went to eat and after we ate we had a host that was taking us around to see some things that I had already seen, but Jacquian Williams and Jason Pierre-Paul hadn't yet.

"After that, we got down on the field for their pre-game. That was real cool. I hadn't seen that before. After that the game got started and we were up in our seats."

The game atmosphere really blew Kinnie away. He had been hearing a lot of things going into the weekend and the game lived up to the hype.

"It was great. I kept hearing about how loud it was going to be and that it was going to be crazy. Everyone was telling me how much red I was going to see. It was everything that everyone said.

"I loved it. We were right there, right on the 50 yard line, and had great seats. They didn't have the chemistry right until Niles' return, but that got them going to a victory."

Kinnie and the other visitors went up to see the academic facilities and personnel after the game, then the trainer and then a chance to talk to the A.D.

"Immediately after the game we went to the academics. We spoke to two people there and then after that we spoke to the athletic trainer and that was real motivating.

"After that, we spoke to Tom Osborne which was great. We had heard so much about him and I don't follow team's backgrounds and to hear about him a lot and to meet him was real fun to do."

The visit got high marks from Kinnie. He knows that Nebraska's approach to him and their interest is genuine. He was very close to committing this weekend.

"It was a "10". I loved it. I spoke to Coach Ted Gilmore and Coach Bo Pelini and said that I didn't think that Nebraska was trying to jive me, trying to sell me or trying to get me just to get me.

"I think that their approach is very sincere. They have been very real saying what you see is what you get. I am about 90% in the boat to committing and just saying that I am there.

"I just didn't want to do anything too fast. Sitting here know thinking about it, I really don't know why I didn't just say that is where I want to be. Honestly, I am big on Nebraska.

"I mean Arkansas has offered and LSU and Kansas are talking to me, but I am not big on those schools. I told Coach Gilmore that I am all in, but I need to think about it."

If there might have been something that could have put Kinnie over the top, enough to commit, then it might have been his mom. She was unable to make the trip this weekend.

"I wish my mom would have came with me on the visit. She had to work and I didn't pressure her to take off and go with me. I really just want to talk to her about Nebraska being where I want to go.

"I have talked to my dad about it. I think that sitting down with her and talking through things is the next step. I don't know why I just didn't say I was going there."

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