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It's a little unnerving when a recruit can commit to a school sight unseen. I am sure that the collective breath of coaches and fans alike are being held, probably up until signing day, but at least until an official visit takes place. Dontrayevous Robinson saw Nebraska for the first time this weekend after committing in May. What were his thoughts?

Nebraska commitment, Dontrayevous Robinson, saw Nebraska for the first time this past weekend. The 6-foot-1 and 200-pound running back from Euless (Texas) Trinity came away impressed.

"It went good," Robinson said. "I liked everything about it. I liked the facilities, like the weight room, but I wanted to take a look at the dorms and around campus too."

One of the things that Robinson liked the most was the convenience of everything being closer together on campus including the school to the town of Lincoln.

"I was really looking at that and I liked it because everything is kind of within walking distance. I am going to get a bike before I go up there. Everything is pretty close."

Robinson is a player that feeds off of the crowd and from what he saw on Saturday he thinks that he will have a lot of energy coming from the stands for years to come.

"The crowd was crazy. I perform better when there is a bigger, louder crowd. That crowd was huge and it was crazy, really crazy. I think that is a good thing for me."

The offense in Lincoln is complicated, but so is the offense at Trinity. Robinson saw a lot of similarities between the two and thinks that he is a good fit for the offense.

"I see myself in everything they are doing. What they are doing now, I can do the majority of it. We basically do the same thing with the coach that I have today."

Robinson did commit to Nebraska back in May, sight unseen. After having seen the school and the town, does he think that he made the right decision?

"It's the best place for me. It was a "10". When I first went there, no lie, I didn't know. I thought it was a little cold there and I thought it was supposed to be a little warmer.

"I started walking around and everything was closer, so that was good for me. I don't having to walk all that far for things. Everything was just down the street. I can do that."

Since September 1, other schools have been able to call recruits. Robinson has fielded some calls, but they have only been from one school and that is just how he wants it.

"To tell you the truth, Nebraska is the only school that I have spoken to. It's a good thing, I don't want to talk to those other schools anyway."

Robinson traveled to Nebraska with a teammate, defensive tackle Siosaia Tuipulotu, also known as "L.T.". Robinson made the comment that L.T. was impressed.

"He liked it a lot. I asked him if he wanted to come out there and he told me 'Yeah.'. I guess that is his number one school right now. He liked everything about it.

"He really fell in love with it. I think that he just wants to talk it over with his people, with his family, before making a decision."

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