Green gives high marks to Huskers

Sitting on close to double-digit offers, and with his own season fresh underway, two-way standout Andrew Green set out on his first official visit of the recruiting season. Destination: Lincoln. As to what he thinks coming out versus what he thought going in, Green said that some things about Nebraska surprised, but some he fully expected.

The "Sea of Red" is much like any college football crowd, but with the twist the local fan base applies. It's the home crowd of the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they fill the stadium on Saturdays in the Fall as they have every home game since 1962.

Madison High School's (San Antonio, TX) Andrew Green new all about the reputation of the fan base, but when he visited Lincoln officially as the Huskers hosted the Spartans of San Jose State, he said even the rep. didn't really do it justice. "The fans are real. I mean, you hear about it, but they were into the game, and they just supported their team all the way to the end," Green said.

"it was just as loud in the fourth quarter as it was in the first."

The crowd was nice as was watching a potential team for the future beat their visiting opponent, 35-12. Being recruited to play cornerback Green obviously watched the defense more than just about anything else. It wasn't a stellar outing for Head Coach Bo Pelini's outfit as there were a host of issues from tackling to once again having problems stopping the pass.

Green said that he's seen that system when it's working, though, when Pelini was at LSU, and it's a system he particularly likes. "It's an NFL-style defense, the same kind that Coach Pelini ran at LSU. It's aggressive and they do a lot to confuse the quarterback," he said. "I know they have a lot of young guys back in the secondary, so that is going to take some time. But I remember the system at LSU, and that kind of fits how I like to play."

It's true that Nebraska isn't sporting a lot of experience in the secondary, especially when you start to look beyond the starters. Even some of the starters like sophomore Anthony West, are only starting at corner for the first time this year. With all that youth and inexperience back there you'd think that most recruits would shy away thinking that they might want to look at places with a little less competition which is so close to their own age.

Not Green.

"You have to compete for your spot no matter where you go, so who they have now doesn't really matter to me," he said.

While Green was in Lincoln his host was Lester Ward, a running back who also hails from the Lone Star state. The connections don't stop there, though, as Ward's dad and Green's dad knew each other when they attended Baylor University.

Call it the icing on the cake for a visit that Green considered well worth making, and outside of the fans he knows what stood out to him. "The coaches. I really liked the coaches. Coach Pelini is great, so is Coach Sanders and Coach Brown as well," Green said of the head coach, secondary coach Marvin Sanders and tight ends coach Ron Brown. "Really, it's all of them. I just had a really good time."

With the trip behind him and many in front Green said that Nebraska gets top scores. He said that he liked everything about the trip, but he still up to four more official trips to take. "I don't know the date, exactly, but I am going to be visiting Missouri sometime soon," Green said. "But that's all I know for right now."

As to where Nebraska stands on his list, Green was pretty practical. "Well, they are probably at the top, but that's the first official I have taken. I can't say where they will be in the future," he said. "I'll visit the places I think I need to see and learn as much as I can learn.

"After that, it's in God's hands where I go."

Green is a 6-1, 185 lbs. cornerback, coming off a season where he had six interceptions, two of which he took back for scores. Andrew also averaged over 120 yards per game rushing on the offensive side, totaling seven touchdowns. Green's team is 2-0 thus far this season.

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