Huskers impress Tuipulotu

The Nebraska coaching staff is hitting Texas hard for recruits and one team that has a lot of players being recruited is Euless (Texas) Trinity. The Huskers have already nabbed a commitment from Trinity running back, Dontrayevous Robinson, and are now looking to get his team mate as well. What did Siosaia Tuipulotu think of Lincoln?

At 6-foot-2 and 285-pounds, Siosaia Tuipulotu comes off on the ball low and fast, just like you want a defensive tackle to do. L.T., is what he goes by, just got done with practice and wanted to talk to Big Red Report about the visit to Nebraska.

"We just got done with practice," Tuipulotu said. "We got back to Dallas last night, but we had so much fun up there on our trip."

L.T. said that there was something that really stood out to him at the game. He noticed that as the fans got going, so did the team. He also noted that the players and the coaches have great relationships.

"The fans are so awesome. I liked the fans, pretty much, the best. They really motivated the team. They made the team bump in.

"I really liked the players though. I like how they played. They play quick. They also listen to the coaches and show respect."

After the game there was a chance to look at everything else that Nebraska had to offer. L.T. came away impressed with Nebraska's academic stature in regards to their student-athletes.

"The other thing that I liked about Nebraska was their academics. They really help you. They are #1 in academic All-Americans.

"I already talked to the academic staff there and he told me everything. I trust him and I can tell that he is there for us, for you, as a player."

L.T. also got a look at Nebraska's new facilities and really couldn't say anything else about them except to say that they were "perfect".

"The facilities are awesome. I couldn't believe. They were so big and so clean. They were just perfect. All of the facilities were perfect."

If there was one thing to note in this interview, it was clear that L.T. was blown away by the visit just because of how he was talking. He admitted that he was and Nebraska has jumped on top of his list.

"I know, I was. I really can't believe it. It was just so nice and everything. Nebraska is #1 right now on my list."

The Huskers might have an ace in the hole with L.T. because of the commitment from Dontrayevous Robinson, but Tray isn't doing anything beyond talking to L.T. about Nebraska.

"Tray isn't pressuring me to go. He told me that he made the right decision. I told him that I need to go and visit some other schools too."

It seems that L.T. has at least three other schools that he would like to visit and maybe four. The fourth might go to a hometown school if he takes it.

"I am going to go and visit Louisville, Utah, Fresno State and then maybe SMU. If I go on my fifth visit it will be to SMU."

The Nebraska coaching staff had a chance to talk to L.T. about how he would be used there. Then they had a chance to talk about the recruiting situation and L.T. said he felt no pressure to commit. He respected that.

"They were just showing me how they want to use me. They didn't pressure me to commit or anything. They told me to go home and talk to my parents.

"They wanted me to come home and talk about everything with my parents. I appreciated that. There is already enough pressure."

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