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The Huskers brought in a trio of players from Fort Scott (Kans.) that included five-star defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul. Pierre-Paul is a beast of a defensive end coming in at 6-foot-6, 255-pounds and he's light on his feet. Nabbing a player like Pierre-Paul would certainly give a boost to the recruiting class that Nebraska is looking for to drive through a strong finish.

Jason Pierre-Paul can stand out in a crowd. At 6-foot-6 and 255-pounds, the defensive end from Fort Scott (Kans.), Pierre-Paul most definitely stands out on the football field, even if he's just an official visitor.

Head Coach for Fort Scott, Jeffrey Sims, was able to arrange an email interview with Pierre-Paul, but Pierre-Paul got back with Big Red Report this morning to talk about the visit himself.

"The visit was alright," Pierre-Paul said. "I really liked the academics there. It was the support part that I liked the best."

Pierre-Paul, as well as the other visitors from Fort Scott, was also impressed with the game against San Jose State, and he particularly liked how halftime worked behind closed doors.

"It was tight. I liked how the coaches talked to the players at halftime. It was just the way that they all got along and worked."

Pierre-Paul said that he also came away impressed with the facilities at Nebraska. There wasn't a particular area that he liked more than the others.

"The facilities were all pretty good. There wasn't just one. They were all real nice."

There might be some concerns that Lincoln isn't a big enough town to attract Pierre-Paul, but Pierre-Paul said that wasn't true. "Lincoln is big enough. It was nice."

Pierre-Paul is a defensive end that can do it all, but particularly he can get after the quarterback. He can change a game with the way that he plays off of the edge.

With Pierre-Paul in stands on Saturday, he got a chance to see Nebraska pin their ears back a little bit and saw a defensive line rip down two interceptions of all things.

"Nebraska runs my style of defense. Even if they didn't, I can adjust my style to what the defense wants you to do.

"My speed and my power though are my biggest strengths. I can stop the run, but I like to rush the quarterback."

Pierre-Paul isn't interested in taking any other visits right now. Nebraska was a chance to see a school on an off weekend. He wants to focus on school and the season.

When Pierre-Paul does get around to recruiting again he might start taking a closer look at his top five, who he admits Nebraska isn't in, but is close to.

"Nebraska is close to being in my top five. I would say Florida State, USF, LSU, UCF and then Florida. I will commit when the time is right and I can transfer at mid-term."

Pierre-Paul indicated that he was holding a Nebraska offer and that he was also holding offers from all of the schools in his top five with the exception of Florida.

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