Burkhead set to visit Nebraska

Getting out of Texas this weekend for an official visit is going to be a chore for some considering Hurricane Ike is on its way, but Rex Burkhead is from the Dallas area and maybe getting home from an official visit on Sunday might be the toughest thing he will have to deal with. Burkhead saw Nebraska on their spring game and is going back to see them take on New Mexico State.

Rex Burkhead is generally thought of to be one of the most versatile and electrifying players in all of Texas this year. The 5-foot-11 and 195-pound Burkhead from Plano (Texas) has been a little hard to reach lately.

"I think that he's just kind of wanted to focus on football," Rex Burkhead's father said. "I don't think that it was too much or anything. He just wanted to get back out on the field."

Mr. Burkhead was with Rex for the spring game. This time, he is going to stay home and let Rex's mom have an opportunity to check out what Nebraska has to offer.

"I'm not going this time, but he is. He and his mom are going to go up. She didn't go up for the spring game and that is kind of why we decided to do it this way.

"I have already been up there once and I thought it would be good for here to go up and take a look at what I have already had a chance to see."

Dallas is considered to be in "North Texas" and won't have much to deal with Hurricane Ike until maybe later in the weekend and still then it won't be anything like along the coast.

The weather that is still along the out bands will bring a lot of rain and a lot of potential for strong winds and tornadoes. Mr. Burkhead is fairly certain that this visit will happen this weekend.

"I don't think that they are going to have any problems getting out that morning. They are leaving Saturday, bright and early. They might have some trouble getting home and I will hear that from the wife."

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