Kerr enjoys visit to Nebraska

The last time that we caught up with J.T. Kerr, it was clear that Nebraska was still leading for him, but it was also clear that he was still waiting on something. Nebraska was able to host Kerr back in August for an unofficial visit, but with a bye this past weekend, Kerr was able to get back to Nebraska. Kerr talked about his visit and where Nebraska stands right now.

One of the three visitors that was in this weekend for Nebraska, officially, was J.T. Kerr. Kerr, a big tight end from San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch, got to Lincoln in time on Friday to take part in the team activities. Spending time with the team was something he wanted to do.

"I left Friday morning," Kerr said. "I had a bye Friday night and came in on Friday. I went to the team dinner and then I went to a movie with the team.

"Then, we went over to the team motel for a little bit. I got a chance to talk to the coaches and also go to the meetings, the team meetings. That was fun."

On Saturday was a lot of things that Kerr had done previously on his unofficial visit this summer. One thing that was new was the chance to meet with Nebraska's athletic director.

"I did a lot of tours and stuff, it was a lot of the same things that I did on my unofficial visit. We just kind of re-capped everything. I met the trainer, the equipment manager and saw the equipment room and stuff.

"I then got to meet with the dean of the business department and also one of the professors. I also met with Coach Tom Osborne too. That was special. I had read a lot about him and I know what he means to the state of Nebraska."

On Saturday night, Nebraska took the field with New Mexico State and Kerr got a chance to see how Nebraska liked to throw to their tight ends. There was almost three touchdowns by the tight ends.

"The game was wild. It was a lot of fun. The tight ends played well. Mike McNeil scored. Hunter Teafatiller almost got in. Dreu Young almost caught on.

"I liked it a lot. I could see myself being used in that way. The routes they run, the things that they need to do, the blocks that they need to do; those are all things I like doing."

Kerr came away the most impressed with the game. What could have been better for Kerr is really hard to say.

"The best thing was the game. The worst? Tough question. Everything went pretty well. I really can't think of anything. You got me on that one."

The visit got a high mark for Kerr who also said that he thought about ending his recruiting process and just committing. He has a plan though and wants to try to stick to it.

"I would say that the visit was an "8" or "9". I thought about committing. It crossed my mind a lot. My plan was to commit sometime toward mid-season. It's tough.

"I had a really good time out there. I am trying to stick to my plan and wait. I would have been caught in the moment if I would have committed too.

"I definitely wanted to go home, talk to my family about it and my coaches. It could be like this week or I could wait until the end of my season like I planned on doing."

What Kerr might be waiting on isn't anything definite. He just wants to be sure that there isn't any other opportunities that come up that he wants to take a look at after he committed.

"I am really not sure. I want to make sure to whomever I commit to that I commit 100% to them. I don't want to have any doubts about any other places.

"I don't want to think about if another team offers me or if a team offers me that I don't want to think about it. I want to commit to the team that I am 100% sure about."

Scripps Ranch has had a chance to only play one game this season. In that one game, Kerr had nearly a quarter of his offensive stats from his junior year. He is expecting bigger things to come.

"The season is going good. We have only played one game. I think that I had three catches for just about 30 yards or so. We have a game this Friday and I will let you know how I do."

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