Burkhead gives High Marks to the Huskers

This past Saturday night was the second time that Rex Burkhead saw a game in Lincoln at Memorial Stadium. This was just the first time that Nebraska was actually playing somebody else. Burkhead was up for the Red-White Spring Game, but was in town again to see Nebraska take on New Mexico State. What were his thoughts on the weekend?

At 5-foot-11 and 190-pounds, Rex Burkhead is one of the most exciting players in the state of Texas and probably the nation. The standout from Plano (Texas) had a complete effort on Friday for a victory.

"We played Lewisville Hebron on Friday night," Burkhead said. "As far as stats go, I had two rushing touchdowns, a kickoff return for a touchdown and like 170 yards rushing. I am not playing defense yet, but I probably will when district starts.

"I am in good shape. The first game I did cramp up a bit. That week it had rained up to the game day and it was really humid that night. I am good now."

In an effort to get to Nebraska early, and avoid Hurricane Ike, Burkhead and his mom took off early that morning from Dallas. They got there early enough to spend some one on one time with the coach and then take the tours.

"When we got there, we sat down and talked with Coach Bo Pelini. We had a really nice conversation with him. Then, we went and had lunch with a bunch of the coaches.

"After that, the guides took us around and showed my mom the facilities. I had already seen them before. They needed to show her everything that they had to offer.

"We also spoke to some academic advisors. We spoke to the nutritionist, the trainers and also the strength and conditioning coach. That was pretty cool."

Mom got a close look at the tradition of the tunnel walk before the game. Rex and her were able to walk out ahead of the team to "experience it" as much as they could.

"My mom kind of got embarrassed about it because she really didn't think that we were going to do that. All of the fans are whooping and hollering at you and a lot of them know your name."

The game was a great display by the Cornhuskers to show how they like to use their running backs. Nebraska will use them as much in the passing game as they do in the running game. They also get to throw it once in a while.

"It was awesome. The fans were great. I loved the way how they used the running backs, especially with the passing game and getting them involved. They have a pretty beefed up line, so it wouldn't be bad to run behind them.

"Marlon Lucky also threw one. It was the same play that we ran against Dallas (Texas) Skyline last year in the playoffs. I threw for a touchdown on that play."

The atmosphere that night in Lincoln was pretty electric, as noted by another visitor J.T. Kerr. Burkhead agreed. "It was loud. Especially right when you came out of that tunnel or a big play or a touchdown happened. It was really a great atmosphere.

"They also had some of the former players back like Grant Wistrom. That was really cool to see him."

The next morning, Burkhead and his mom were able to spend some time with his recruiting coach, John Papuchis, and running back coach, Tim Beck, over breakfast.

"It was great, especially since they had a win the night before and they were cranky or anything. We got to talk about more than just football. We got to know each other as more than just players and coaches."

Burkhead wasn't able to spend a lot of time with the players at the spring game, or the coaches for that matter, but he got a lot of other chances to do that this past weekend.

"It was cool to get a chance to just hang out with the players and talk to them as well as with the coaches. It's better to see how they are just away from football."

Between the two trips to Lincoln, Burkhead thinks that he got all of the bases covered. There was one person that he wanted to get some more time with on his official visit.

"Yeah, I did. I really wanted to talk to the strength and conditioning coach. The last time I just got a chance to say hi to him because there were so many people there.

"We didn't get a lot of time during the spring game to sit down and talk, but we had a chance to talk for maybe 30 minutes. I got to see what his priorities were and what his training is like. He really knows what he is doing."

The visit got a very high mark by Burkhead. Following the Nebraska visit, Burkhead isn't sure how many other visits he will take officially or to who. He does have some ideas on some schools that might get official visits.

"It was awesome. It would be a "9" or a "10". It was a pretty good visit. I am not for sure how many other visits I am going to take or who I will visit. I am going to take a couple more probably.

"I have really visited all of the schools I am looking at, but won't with officials; Nebraska got an official, Stanford will be in there I assume, Auburn, maybe Texas Tech and maybe Louisville as well."

According to Burkhead, the fact that Nebraska got an official visit is a very good indicator for how much he likes Nebraska. "Yes, I would say so. They are one of the schools that I am really looking at."

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