Ike affects trip for Ash

Everyone knows that Hurricane Ike was the reason that Cody Green wasn't able to make it in this past weekend, but there was another visitor that planned on coming up that didn't travel because of the hurricane. Nick Ash was set to be there for the Nebraska game this weekend, but instead the weather packing tropical storm hit Dallas and stranded him here.

Nick Ash was slated to be in Lincoln this past weekend. The Nebraska commitment from Keller (Texas) had his travel plans fall victim to the hurricane.

"No, with Hurricane Ike we decided not to go up there," Ash said, "it would have been a mess. I really wanted to make it up this past weekend."

There are some other games that are coming up that Ash might be able to swing. The Virginia Tech game was recently announced as a 7:00 start for ABC.

"My dad just told me that the Virginia Tech game is at 7:00 or something like that. So, TV games are good opportunities for us to make it up.

"Definitely the later the game the better off we are since all we do is fly standby. So, when you get a late TV time like that it's good for our schedule."

While Ash is eyeing other opportunities to get up there for unofficial visits he is also thinking about his official visit. It isn't set and he's looking at maybe a game weekend or maybe until after the season.

"No, we were talking about Missouri game for homecoming, but that is also a TV game. We have been talking about after the season for my time with the players."

The last home game this year is another game that Ash is looking to attend, unofficially. He might be bringing his teammate who camped at Nebraska this summer and has family ties to the state of Nebraska.

"I think that I also might make it up for the Colorado game. I think that the quarterback from my school is going to go and he's really interested in Nebraska.

"Cam Allerheilgen is just a junior and I know that they went to the quarterback camp there this summer. I know that Nebraska was pretty impressed with him.

"I don't know how seriously Nebraska is recruiting him or anything right now. I know that he has family that grew up in Nebraska and stuff. His dad loves Nebraska."

As of right now, Ash isn't sure if he will make it in this weekend or not. There is always how Friday night goes, how the family feels Saturday morning and the parents' schedules to consider.

"I don't know if we will try and get up there this weekend or not. We are usually pretty flexible until that morning when we would just go to the airport and fly standby."

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