Official visit update- Ian-Yates Cunningham

Touted as one of the best offensive linemen in the entire country, if you get a visit, you are amongst the fortunate few. Nebraska was amongst those lucky ones this last weekend as Ian-Yates took his official to NU. Check out the update for the full story.

Ian-Yates Cunningham (Hebron Texas)-(OL-6'5-300-350/bench-500/squat-5.0/40) Now here's a man among boys. Top 10 offensive lineman Ian-Yates Cunningham is a dream recruit for about every major college. But only 3 may be getting visits, which indeed is a change from what we last heard.

First, the change "I will being going to Georgia Tech on December 6th instead of Notre Dame." Of course, my first question was when will the ND visit be rescheduled, but to my surprise I was told "I wont be going to Notre Dame, it's not anyone fault, it just I decided along with them that I should look elsewhere, do what's best for me. Georgia Tech was recruiting me harder and that shows me they want me to go there."

So this truly is a three horse race again, with all the getting visits. Nebraska (This past weekend), Georgia Tech (Dec 6th) and Virginia (Dec 13th).

As for his trip to Lincoln, NE this past weekend, Ian was surprised at how much he enjoyed it "It was absolutely great. I went up with Will (Will Oliver, potential NU recruit also) and we ran into Martin O'Donnell in the airport, I didn't even know he was going to be there. We all stuck together all weekend, being offensive lineman." We may just be calling them the triplets, because Ian spoke so highly of Will and Martin. Without a doubt a friendship was made.

"Ritchie Incognito was my host, Nick Provendo showed Will around, and Dane Todd for Martin, all of us just hung out. They showed us everything. I admit, it wasn't what I expected, it was better."

We talked about Nebraska for a while and the unusual like season by the Huskers doesn't seem to bother Ian at all "They're still going to a bowl, a lot of schools can't say that. The players obviously care about their situation. They were upset at how they played all year and how they played against Colorado. Anyone who says it's the players fault doesn't know these players."

As for what truly stood it was the academic side of things "I knew they were a good school, but the academic facilities they have there are amazing. They care about you as a student and as an athlete."

Ian wishes to get the decision made by Christmas or shortly there after and doesn't plan on taking his last two official visits to any school, but did say "I know I have them, and I think I have the right 3 schools to choose from, but if something happens I know have those 2 visits left to still look, but I don't expect that to happen."

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