Official visit update, Martin O'Donnell

One of the All-Everything tackles around the country, O'Donnell has a premium price put on any visit he takes. Schools from all over are vying for their shot at impressing the young man into coming there, but only five can get those visits. Martin had one down before this last weekend and now, you can make it two as O'Donnell just got done with his official visit to the University of Nebraska.

Martin O'Donnell - OL - 6-5, 290, 5.2/40 - Denver Grove, IL (South) - Just off his second official visit, O'Donnell comes away with a fresh new set of ideas about yet another school courting him, wanting his talents added to theirs. Well, at least with Nebraska, this wasn't an entirely new experience. "My father and I had come out earlier in the Summer, to check out the facilites and everything." O'Donnell stated. "But, this time, we got to meet some of the people and the players, so it was a pretty good experience."

Since Martin has a reference to look at in judging one visit from the next, I guess the biggest question is what (if anything) was different about this visit as opposed to last and did anything stand out? "I've heard a lot about the crowd and the game day atmosphere, but it was crazy." Martin said. "That's a definite plus with that kind of fan support. They were into it the whole game."

Because Martin had been there before, he had already seen the weight room, already toured the facilites and had opportunities to talk to all of the coaches. This was just basically a reminder tour, but Nebraska left an indelible impression. "All the schools I am looking at are pretty much the same, but out of all the schools I am looking at, Nebraska definitely does have the best fan support and that will definitely weigh in my decision.

Aside from the visits to Stanford and Nebraska, Martin will be visiting Illinois this week, Oregon the next week and Iowa in January. Despite the late date for his last visit at Iowa though, Martin doesn't necessarily plan on waiting until signing day. "I am just going to decide on whoever feels right, when it feels right."

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