Can Huskers get a visit?

Nebraska can sell the way that they use the tight end position. Last Saturday night against New Mexico State, the tight end position received almost a third of the throws from the Nebraska quarterbacks, scoring one touchdown, and coming up just short on two other tries. The proof is in the pudding, and Nebraska runs multiple tight end sets, but can Nebraska grab the attention of this tight end?

One of the top players in the state of Florida is Orson Charles, a 6-foot-3 and 215-pound tight end, from Tampa (Flor.) Plant. Plant is off to a .500 start with a big game coming up this Friday.

"We are 1-1," Charles said. "We had a tough loss against Armwood and we bounced back against Gaither. We play Middleton this Friday and I can't wait to play."

Through two games, Charles is averaging about 100 yards receiving. His touchdown stats aren't what they should be because of penalty.

"I know that have 10 catches and I think that I have 200 yards receiving or so. I have one touchdown and I would have had a couple more, but they were called back."

As a tight end, Charles has wide receiver speed, 4.5/40, with a tight end body. He is a great weapon now, but he knows where he could be potentially if he keeps working.

"I think that I stretch the field, but there are little things that I can work on. I don't want to stop. I want to get better and better. I am never there.

"I run good routes and I have good size and speed. I can get faster and I can get better on my routes. There are always good and bad things."

Recruiting is busy, but not getting the full attention of Charles. There is so much to worry about now and he won't give up the now to think about college.

"It's going good. I just got off the phone with Maryland. I am not really thinking about recruiting right now. I am pushing college back.

"I still have it there, but I don't want anything to interfere with my season or with my team mates. I have some too far to think about college and fall short."

There is one official visit in the works for Charles as he might head north with his quarterback. It will probably be the only visit during the season for Charles.

"I am going to take one our game that we have a Thursday game with our quarterback, Aaron Murray, to Georgia. It's not totally set yet.

"The only reason I am going to Georgia that week is because my quarterback asked me and I am considering Georgia. It just kind of worked out.

"Beyond Georgia, there aren't any other schools that I am really looking at or would like to take official visits to that I know of right now."

Charles is holding offers from schools all over the nation. He is looking at some key things that will separate the schools in his mind.

"I am up to about 30 offers. I am looking for a school that offers a good education. I am looking to major in Construction Management. I want to see how many tight ends they have now and offered.

"I am not against competition, but I want to look at the numbers. I would also like to know how soon I could come in and play or just get my feet wet. Stuff like that."

Nebraska is one of the 30 teams to extend an offer to Charles. He doesn't know a lot about him, gets a lot of mail, and is going to do some research on them to get a better idea what they are about.

"I really don't know too much about them. I need to do some research on them. I am going to talk to their coaches soon and evaluate them. Hopefully, I can catch them on TV.

"I am getting a lot of mail from them. Calling me, I really don't have a lot of time to talk. At this time I am usually asleep, but we had a late practice today. I had to get my homework done."

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