Martinez sets Nebraska visit

Last year, Nebraska was able to go into Louisiana and have success with recruiting. Late in the process, they were able to get wide receiver Khiry Cooper. This year, the Huskers have had their sights set on another tall, play-making receiver from Louisiana. There was an early visit set that was canceled, but it seems that the trip is on again for later in the season.

One of the top wide receiver targets for Nebraska this season is Rayville (Louis.) wide receiver, Abrecus Martinez. Head Coach Bo Barton said that despite two hurricanes that they are 2-0 this season.

"It's going pretty good," Coach Bo Barton said. "We're 2-0. We got to play both games, the two storms did affect us, but we got to play.

"Gustav got us more than Ike. We still got about two inches of rain from Ike. Gustav is the storm that gave us all the trouble, but we got our games in."

Martinez was going to come in for one of the first three weekends for Nebraska, but his plans changed. There are still plans to get up to Nebraska, but probably not until after the season.

"He is going to visit Nebraska. We aren't going until after the season. We wanted to go, but we are just at a point where it was me or one of the coaches that was going with him.

"We are just at a point, in the middle of the season, and Nebraska is playing on Saturday and Saturday is our biggest work day. We are going to go in December.

"Our last playing date for us is either December 8 or 9 and then the state championship. If we go that far we will go right after that between then and Christmas. If you play 15 weeks you play that late."

Martinez was off to a fast start in week one when he grabbed only four balls, but averaged over 31 yards per catch and had 75% of his catches go for a touchdown.

"He is doing great. The first game of the year he had four catches for 125 yards and three touchdowns. He started the year off with a bang.

"Last week we ran into double coverage all night over him and Kenny Bell. They were dropping seven or eight and we ran the ball all night long.

"We had 270 yards rushing that night. They really played three over two on both side. The linebackers were playing run and pass, but they were getting out in a hurry."

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