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Nebraska is looking to take one and maybe two more safeties in the 2009 class. Yahshua Williams is a player that Nebraska has had their eyes on for a while. The Huskers were first to offer Williams and have a pretty good relationship with him through a player from Denton (Texas) Ryan from last year. Williams will see Nebraska this coming weekend.

Husker fans are getting ready for the Virginia Tech game and the Nebraska coaches are capitalizing on a late game to bring in some good visitors. One of the many scheduled visitors is Yahshua Williams.

"I am taking an official visit to Nebraska," Williams said. "I am going up next weekend for the Virginia Tech. I am going to fly up there and take the visit."

Williams, a converted cornerback playing safety this year at Denton (Texas) Ryan, is a huge athlete that might even grow into a linebacker at the next level. There is a special thing about the Nebraska offer.

"They are my first offer. Tim Beck and those guys have been recruiting me for a while. I wanted to get up there before for the spring game and then for the camp.

"Now, it's finally about here. I am really just waiting for the days to come around before I can make the trip. I am looking forward to getting up there."

Besides being the first schools to offer the Huskers have one of Williams's former, Ryan team mates at Nebraska. Josh Williams, a 2008 graduate, is a red shirt freshman this year and is talking to Yahshua.

"I talked to Josh the other day. I think that he called me the day after practice. He said that they really give him a chance to show your true colors, show you things and put you right in the mix.

"He knows about me, knows the guy that I am, and he said that Nebraska is really the place that I want to be. I am keeping his words in mind. I trust Josh about stuff like that."

Williams is excited about the trip. This trip has been a long time coming for Williams and he wants to see an exciting game environment and then everything else that Nebraska has to offer.

"I just want to see everything on the trip. I have seen a lot of games and some games are cool because they win, but it was just because they won.

"I am hoping that the atmosphere is going to be crazy. I am hoping that the people, the fans are there because they all want to be there and are in it.

"It's a big game, it's Virginia Tech. I am looking for everything. I don't know what specifically. I am looking for the works on this visit."

Even if the visit goes perfectly for Williams and Nebraska he isn't anticipating committing. There are at least a couple of visits coming after the Texas Tech visit this weekend and Nebraska next weekend.

"I am really trying not to do that. I want to take some other visits after Nebraska. I want to see my other options, give them a place to stand, and then make a decision.

"I am not trying to waste anyone's time with me in the process. I think that I am doing the right things and at the right pace. I think that I am.

"I am trying to shoot up to Kansas. They are talking to me about taking a trip more after the season. I am also trying to make it up to Missouri for a trip."

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