Casey eyeing some visits

The last time that Husker fans heard from Chance Casey, he was running in a national track meet up in Omaha and then enjoying his time on campus in Lincoln for an unofficial visit. Since then, a lot has happened. It includes the start of his season and Hurricane Ike. Casey catches everyone up on his situation and recruiting.

Chance Casey and his family are OK. Hurricane Ike has changed a lot of things for him and the people that live in the Southeast are of Texas, but Casey and his family didn't suffer a lot of damage to their home.

"We were alright," Casey said. "Nothing really happened out by our house. A couple of trees got knocked down in our area, but other than that nothing really bad."

There are a lot of rumors floating around about teams losing players to transfer because of the storm. Casey is up in Dallas, but there aren't any plans to transfer.

"I am not transferring. I had been staying up in Dallas with family. We are getting ready to play this Friday. No transfer plans for me."

Casey and his team weren't off to a very good start this season. They are winless through two, trying to get their third game in this week, and Casey knows that his first couple games haven't been his best.

"We have played two games and we are 0-2. I don't think that I have had a spectacular performance in either game. I don't even know my stats.

"I am playing mostly running back and they are putting me out wide a little bit. On defense, I have been playing free safety."

Casey was up in Omaha, Nebr. for a track meet and headed over to Lincoln for an unofficial visit. Casey hasn't done a lot, recruiting related, since that trip to Nebraska.

"I haven't been doing much. It was a dead period about that time. Since then, I have just been gearing up for football. I haven't been doing a lot of recruiting.

"I have been calling some coaches and stuff, but not a lot. I have been thinking about some official visits, but I haven't set anything up yet with any of the schools.

"I would like to see Stanford, LSU, Iowa State and Florida. I think that is about it right now. All of those schools have offered me in either track or football."

Nebraska is a school that still, despite hosting him in the summer, might be in line to get an official visit from Casey.

"I am thinking about going up there for an official visit, but I am not really sure. I have already been there, but I would like to see a game up there."

The Huskers have been on TV this season, albeit PPV, but Casey is aware that the Huskers will face off with Virginia Tech this weekend and knows that is on TV.

"I have not seen them on TV. I have tried to check them out, but I haven't been able to see them on any of the channels. I think that they are on TV this week."

Getting a chance to see any games at any schools for official visits might be tough for Casey. He admits he wants to, but with the season he knows that things will get tough.

"I want to take some trips, because I want to see some games, but I don't know how things are going to work out with the season and everything."

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