Practice not perfect for Pelini

As you prepare for any game, execution is at a premium. But when you are about to face a Virginia Tech, while coaches wouldn't say it's any different from any other game, a team like Tech can exploit those mistakes perhaps more than the teams Nebraska has faced thus far. Not a day for a team not to practice very well, which is what Coach Pelini said they got today.

It's nothing new from Nebraska's first-year Head Coach, a post-practice where you can tell Bo Pelini isn't exactly pleased. Known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve to an extent, if practice went well you know, because he'll tell you. He'll also tell you if it didn't.

It didn't today.

"Average at best. (We) got a lot to get fixed," he said. "We weren't good enough to beat Virginia Tech today, but it's only Wednesday, so.."

Pelini has said before that perfection is what he strives for, mental mistakes at a minimum and effort being at its absolute highest. He said he got one today, but not so much of the other. "Their effort is good. They are working hard, (but) there are too many mental mistakes," he said.

On the good-news front, though, those returning this week from injuries which had them either out or limited, are making solid progress now that they are back. "They have done well. They are feeling good," Pelini said of sophomore cornerback Anthony West, junior safety Rickey Thenarse and sophomore defensive end Rickey Thenarse.

One player who still isn't back and isn't expected to play this weekend, according to the Head Coach, is senior fullback Thomas Lawson, who continues to recover from an appendicitis last week.

Against New Mexico State Nebraska adjusted to his absence by using the tight ends coming out of that fullback position as well as running a lot of one-back sets. Pelini said that he was confident with what they had back there even though Lawson won't play. "We feel good about those guys. It gives us the ability to put them on the ball (and) off the ball," Pelini said of the tight ends. "Obviously we have (Justin) Makovicka, too."When Thomas comes back full, when he's feeling a hundred percent, obviously we will have another guy. So, we feel we have enough depth at that spot."

If Nebraska stays consistent in practices to what they have done thus far this season, the team should go half-pads tomorrow and finish up the week with the traditional walk-through on Friday.

However, that's up to the Head Coach, of course, and if the team didn't finish the padded practices with the kind of execution that he said he expects, don't rule out the potential that the team could go with another padded practice tomorrow. "We want perfection, and it wasn't there today," Pelini said.

:Weather for the 7:00 p.m. kickoff against the Hokies is expected to be in the upper-60s, mostly clear with little wind. Currently, Nebraska is a seven-point favorite over Virginia Tech.

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