Huskers ready for Hokies

Nebraska went inside Memorial Stadium today as it finalized practices for the week, and get ready to play Virginia Tech after the bye-week. Practice didn't go as swimmingly yesterday as Head Coach Bo Pelini wanted, but the head coach said after today's practice the team is right about where he thinks they should be.

It wasn't the first time we have gotten the surly side of Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini, and after yesterday's practice even if Pelini hadn't said it, you could tell he wasn't exactly chipper about his team did over the course of the padded-practice.

Fortunately for the team today was a little different.

"We still have some things to get fixed, (but) the effort was good, we put them through a lot of difficult things and covered a lot," Pelini said.l "I like where we are right now. We'll see Saturday."

While there is a buzz outside of Memorial as Nebraska gets to face its first BCS team of the year, Pelini said that his concern wasn't necessarily with the team coming in, but the one waiting to play them this Saturday. "I don't concern myself with them as much as I concern ourselves with how we play, what we do, us executing our game plan," Pelini said. "If we do that we'll be OK."

As the Huskers prepare for Virginia Tech and dual-threat QB Tyrod Taylor, the chore of the Scout Team is trying to replicate what Nebraska is likely to see from the Hokies and their athletic signal-caller as much as they can.

Charged with trying to simulate Taylor this last week has been true freshman quarterback Kody Spano.

Not an enviable task for anyone, but one which Pelini said that he's done well considering the obvious differences.

"He's a hard guy to give that exact look, but Kody is pretty athletic, and I thought we had a good look from the Scout Team," he said.

There's little doubt that with the night game, the contest scheduled to kick off at 7:00 p.m. central time, the atmosphere will be fairly electric, especially since it's a game which will be seen nationally on ESPN. That's good for fans, makes great drama for media, but it could also make for an ideal set up for recruiting.

Pelini said that he is expecting anywhere from six to eight official visitors in this weekend, and thinks this night-game atmosphere could be good. "This atmosphere in this stadium is always good, and a night game I think (could) probably help a little bit. You get a little more time with them during the day," he said. "But it seems like people are pretty excited for the game. I am hoping it's a pretty good atmosphere."

On the injury front senior fullback Thomas Lawson is expected to be out, still recovering from an Appendix surgery approximately a week ago, but sophomores Anthony West (CB) and Pierre Allen (DE), along with junior safety Rickey Thenarse, will be back on the field this weekend for the big red.

There has been some manner of anticipation for the return of Thenarse, the junior safety missing all of the season thus far from an injury suffered during the opening kickoff in the season-opener. Pelini said of the California native that he's finally healthy and ready to go. "Rickey's practiced and practiced well," he said. "We'll see how the game goes. I am sure we will see a little bit of Rickey out there."

Probably because he's already been in so many night games, and maybe it has to do with just so much experience as a coach, Pelini said that while he expects a good atmosphere this Saturday evening, it's more than likely nothing he's going to register all that much once the game is underway. "I know it's there (but) I don't sense it much at all," he said of the noise during a typical game. "I know I have a headache after the game. It's a little bit because of the crowd and a little bit because of me.

"That's just part of the deal."

Pelini said that captains for this up-coming game haven't been selected as of yet, but will be chosen tomorrow, which will be Nebraska's traditional walkthrough, the final mental preparation for their first marquee match up of the year.

For the latest on who is coming in officially and who might not make it, keep checking back to Big Red Report and make sure to check out our premium board, The Red Zone, so you can keep up on the latest in Husker recruiting.

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