Official Visit update- Will Oliver

Will Oliver comes out of Texas, is rated very high and was looking at Nebraska as a childhood dream. Was it that prompted him to de-commit from the Aggies because NU offered him the day after? Find out and also find out how his official visit to NU went.

Will Oliver-Lindale, TX (6'4-285-5.2/40) Will has been a hot topic since he's decommit from Texas A&M in mid November. The reason for the change of mind at the time was attributed mainly his childhood team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. When I asked Will about his decommit I was somewhat surprised about the answer "Nebraska originally was the reason and I'm still glad I did it, but now there are other reasons other than Nebraska that I did what I did."

Will also got to fulfill that childhood fantasy of visiting the Nebraska Cornhuskers game against Colorado this last Friday and came away with many positives "I definitely liked the coaches, the facilities, the academics, and the fans I talked to were great." He also enjoyed his host for the weekend, Nick Provendo, who is also a Texas native.

What may come as a surprise to some is that there were negatives to go along with his trip, but Will didn't feel comfortable going into those during the interview "I don't think I should talk about those. It's nothing against Nebraska, everything was good." For all appearances the trip may have seemed great, you could obviously tell something was indeed not right "I was expecting Heaven and got reality" was all he would say.

Also, with this being the day of a massive overhaul in the Nebraska coaching ranks I asked Will how that would potentially effect his decision. Will was unaware of anything changes and nothing was mentioned to him during his visit (3 days before the changes happened). When I explained what had transpired this seem not phased him at all "All those coaches are on defense, I have nothing to do with defense. I don't even usually look at the field when I'm on the sideline when the defense is playing, I know that's a crappy(The word he used was not "crappy", but you can imagine the word he did use)answer, but I need to look and see how things will effect me".

However, there is a catch with all the changes going on "My dad picked up a paper when we were up in Lincoln, it mentioned Young might be retiring, that would bother me. Nebraska has a good history of putting players in the NFL and Young has been apart of that."

Will has already taken an official to Northwestern along with his trip to Nebraska with trips to TCU and Texas Tech remaining will has no clear leader. He summed up his trip to Northwestern in one word "Awesome."

Will's hectic weekend may look better with a few days rest and he did admit the trip has taken a toll on him "I'm just tired, maybe things will look better in a couple of days."

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