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After the announcement that NU was firing most of it's defensive staff, there's little wonder as to how much we wonder the effect this will have on recruits around the country, especially those eyeing the defensive side of the ball. Tommy is actually being looked at, at both sides, but he gave his reaction to NU's staff shake-up.

Tommy Zbikowski- Buffalo Grove, IL –(QB/S-6'0-190-4.4/40-29"vert-320 bench) Being one of the top, if not THE top, two-way recruit in the nation has Tommy listed as a very hot commodity by many schools. Playing primarily QB for his high school team, he also plays safety more often than not when the defense takes the field.

Tommy was gracious enough to grant me a short interview tonight as he and his family were about to sit down for dinner. And of course the question of the hour was how, if at all, the changes made in Lincoln today would affect his decision in choosing where to play.

His first answer was almost amusing, while most of us panic and consider the possible future Tommy's initial response made me laugh "Changes? What happened?" I went on to explain what had happened with the removal of Bohl, Barnes, and Darlington, then Tommy got a little more serious "Coach Jamrog and Gill were here last night, they said something was going to happen within 24 hours, but they didn't elaborate." As for his thoughts on what happened "I've only spoken with Coach Jamrog, Gill, and Solich. I don't know the coaches, so I don't have any personal feelings about it. But as a recruit Nebraska's had 30 something winning seasons and them making changes after one down year shows me how much they want to win. They're going to do what it takes to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Even with the changes Nebraska still sits among his top fives school and will get a visit along with the other four. Tommy will be visiting Notre Dame (Dec 6th), Iowa (Dec 13th), Nebraska (Dec 20th), Arizona St. (Jan 18th) and Boston College (Jan 25th).

While Tommy admitted he didn't want to make the recruiting process longer than required, he did say that with his visits running up to the end of January that a decision may not be made until the last day.

Tommy has no preference at what position he plays at the next level, but did admit that not touching the ball every play would be difficult "I have the ball in my hands on every single offensive play. I'm the leader, not just emotionally, but physically since the play starts with me. But playing safety is great; I can just unload on people. Sometimes it's nice to hit instead of being hit."

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