Randle rates Nebraska a "12"

Committing to a school without seeing it first is a bit of a risk. There is always a chance that something isn't right and the recruit decides to go somewhere else. For Thaddeus Randle, things couldn't have been better at Nebraska. The Nebraska commitment was blown away by what he saw on his trip and his commitment remains solid.

A surprise visitor showed up Saturday night. Thaddeus Randle was supposed to be in for the Missouri game, but the schedule this week cleared the way for him to make it in for a visit.

"I got it set up earlier this week," Randle said. "We had another game get canceled. I was supposed to go next week, but we have a game, so I just went this week."

Randle committed to Nebraska without ever seeing the school or Lincoln before he committed. After the visit, Randle said that everything was up to his expectations.

"It did very well. I was really impressed with the facilities. They were huge and the technology that they have in the weight room is really amazing.

"They have some very good coaches and trainers. They are very dedicated to the team. All of the people that I spoke with were very nice."

Randle was impressed with the game environment and how the team never gave up Saturday night. More than that, the tunnel walk let him know about the dedication of the Nebraska fans to the program.

"It was a good game. They fought the whole way. The tunnel walk was awesome. As I was walking out the tunnel at the end people knew who I was.

"People asked for my autograph, they wanted to shake my hand, take my picture and stuff. That really showed me that they want me to come there."

The visit received a very high mark from Randle and there is some talk about he and his family making it up again later this season.

"The visit was a "12". I went by myself, but I am going to try and get back up there again with my family later on in the season."

Hurricane Ike did cancel school and the season for a couple of weeks, but it also affected the lives and property of people in the area where Randle lives.

Fortunately for Randle and his family they came through the storm alright with no damage to the house. He did see a lot of property damage in his area though.

"Our house was OK. There was a lot of debris in the neighborhood. A lot of the houses in the neighborhood had trees that fell into their house."

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