Visit was a "10"!

It was a wow-type weekend for a lot of wow-type recruits, Nebraska playing host to a group of marquee players from around the country. Defensive End Keenan Graham was one of those, and if you think a team winning versus how a team is, is more important, Graham could change your mind. He knows that some of what he experienced certainly changed his.

The Nebraska staff has been working hard on the field and on the recruiting trail. The Huskers got a chance to host one of the best defensive ends in the nation this weekend in Keenan Graham.

Graham, a 6-foot-4 and 225-pound defensive end from Las Vegas (Nev.) Silverado, had to play the night before and was handed their second loss. Just because it was the second doesn't make it easy.

"I got in on Saturday," Graham said. "We actually lost on Friday night. It was tough. I got a penalty called on me for roughing the passer that allowed them to run out the clock.

"It was pretty disappointing. We are 3-2 now. Our quarterback threw a pick six and we never really got back in it. They only scored twice on us. The score at half was 7-3."

Graham got to Lincoln and immediately got on a tour. He was able to check out academics first and then moved onto football. Everything impressed him about Nebraska.

"When I first got there I got a chance to look at the campus a little bit and the Engineering Department. They know that I am thinking about that for my major.

"The facilities were awesome. It was all top of the line. The weight room was huge. It was bigger than any other weight room that I have seen so far.

"They have a lot of things to offer when it comes to weightlifting, healthcare, trainers and all that stuff. It was really impressive to have all of that on the campus."

The game environment was special Saturday night and Graham took note. A lot of the fans recognized him and he said that one part of the game was the best for him, personally.

"The tunnel walk was awesome. All of the fans were giving high fives and telling me that I should come to Nebraska. It was a great feeling.

"Just to be there with all of the players to see what they do before the game was cool. It was a great game. I thought that they would come back and win it.

"It was really exciting for me. The best was when Nate Swift came and ran back that punt return. That was just awesome. It was just a great game."

It's tough, as a team and a school, to bring in a recruit only to lose a game. However, Graham thought that Nebraska played hard and didn't quit. That impressed him a lot.

"Although they didn't win the game I was totally impressed. It was definitely enough to know that they were in the game and that they didn't quit.

"Things got tough and they didn't back down at all. They played well. They got that late penalty on the late hit and I really thought Nebraska would go down and score.

"There were some questions by some people about their schedule and it really showed that they can come in and compete at a high level against a good team."

The visit earned a perfect score from Graham who also said that he couldn't think of anything to make it better. He got a chance to see and hear about everything that he wanted to know about.

"I would give it a "10". It was that good. I can't think of one thing that could have been better. I didn't have to ask many questions, they covered everything academically and football-wise.

"The training program was explained to me about what they do weekly. They also explained the depth chart, who is graduating and how I fit in. It was great. I had a great time at the game."

Nebraska might have been on a short list, but probably not at the top, before the visit. However, Graham now says that Nebraska is up towards the top on his list.

"Nebraska is definitely up there now. I had heard a lot of great things about it and I am happy that I got the chance to go up there and experience it for myself.

"I wanted to see what it would be like to play in that atmosphere. The type of atmosphere where the university is the only team that is out there.

"The fans are dedicated. I can just tell, win or lose, that the fans will be dedicated and always be there. It's great."

There are still a couple of visits in store for Graham. He has two set for October and then he should be able to make his college decision.

"I am still going to take a couple of more visits. I am going to see Wisconsin and Colorado in October, those are set up already. I will take those two before I make a decision."

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