Nebraska looks good to Lowe

Daytawion Lowe made his first official visit this weekend to the state of Nebraska to watch the Huskers take on Virginia Tech. Before the visit, word coming out of Cowboy country was Lowe was all but a lock for Oklahoma State. Now with the Nebraska visit complete, is that still the case for this gifted defensive back?

Midwest City (Okla.) Carl Albert standout Daytawion Lowe is one of the most sought after defensive prospects in the nation. After taking his first official vist of the year, Lowe says he has a newfound appreciation for the Husker program.

"I got into Lincoln Friday around 6 pm," said Lowe. "When we drove into Lincoln Friday you could see a lot of fans everywhere. But when I woke up on Saturday morning and looked out my hotel, I was like wow! There was people yelling "Go Huskers" and fans all in red everywhere you looked."

"I've never seen so many fans and a lot of them knew who I was, that shows you how much they care about their football program. Nebraska just made a big move up, I mean they are way up there now."

Daytawion also got a good look at how the team prepares for games.

"We went with the team to the movie Friday night, and then we went back to the private hotel they were at and went through the meetings. I liked doing that, so I could see how they operate. After that we went to the stadium and took a tour, that was fun too."

Lowe said while watching the game he took notice that the secondary could use some help, the coaches spoke of that need as well.

"The coaches really talked to me about how bad they need help in the secondary, they just aren't real deep back there. They basically told me if I'm trying to redshirt, Nebraska isn't the place for me. They need guys ready to step in and compete."

"They think I could play safety or corner for them, but they like me at corner a little more."

Does he prefer one position over the other?

"No, I just want to get on the field and play. I wouldn't complain about anything like that."

While this might have been his first official visit, Daytawion is no stranger to college stadiums. He has been to a few games, but says Nebraska was one of a kind.

"To be honest with you, I've never seen anything like that before. I've already been to games at Oklahoma State and Texas Tech and a few others. But those Nebraska fans are something else."

"I got chill bumps a couple times during that game, and it was crazy. When you watch it you think about yourself being out there."

Before making the trip Lowe didn't know much about the Huskers, now he says he has a pretty good idea.

"I didn't see anything I didn't like, Nebraska is just a real nice school with a lot to offer. Some other schools want me to visit, but right now Nebraska and OSU are coming at me hard, so they are the ones at the top."

"I was thinking about taking all my visits, but I might commit before I take them all. I just need to talk to my family about everything first."

Finally, Lowe said he made a nice connection with the Nebraska coaches and was glad he made the trip.

"This trip really opened my eyes to what Husker football is all about. I liked getting to know the coaches better too. They are all funny guys that are down to earth, but coach Pelini gets fired up. Having coach Pelini there is a big plus."

Lowe says he would like to take another visit or two but doesn't have anything planned as of yet. Big Red Report will stay on top of his recruitment and continue to bring you the latest.

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