Marquee commit riding high after official

As Nebraska's marquee commit, this kind of game had the makings of something special, not just for QB Cody Green himself, but for the host of other marquee players who were checking out Nebraska for the first time. For himself, Green said that the trip was something he found hard to describe, and he talked about other players, one in particular, he thought saw NU in an entirely different light.

The atmosphere was electric. What ultimately was a Nebraska loss couldn't take away everything the Huskers did to try and win. You had an impressive comeback, a crowd-thumping punt return for a touchdown and everything you might expect of a night game in Memorial Stadium in the Fall.

For Cody Green, a young man mature beyond his years and soft-spoken with most things he said, couldn't find the words to describe his experience in Lincoln.

"Wow, just wow. I don't know what else to say about that," Green said. "The atmosphere was nothing like I have ever seen before."

One other thing Green talked about knowing a little about, but not really seeing it like he say last night, was just the chemistry of this football team. Sure, it was illustrated to a degree by their refusal to give up on a game where they simply weren't playing very well for much of the game. But it was once the loss was official when he saw what a "real" team was like.

"They are gellin' already. They play like a team, but on the sidelines they act like a team, and this is only the early part of the first year this staff has been together," he said. "Think about it, because if they are already buying into what this staff is saying, think about what they are going to do in the future.

"Together, this team is going to be deadly."

Atmosphere aside, it was kind of a learning-process for Green, the Dayton, Texas standout wanting to learn a bit more about the offense of the future and just how he fits in. Green said that he already knew this offense fit him, but after the game and talking to Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach Shawn Watson, he's even more convinced.

"It's what we run on my high school team, but with more words," Cody said. "It's the same concepts, the same type of routes - pretty much everything. I know I fit this offense, because it's what I have been doing, only at a lot higher level."

Speaking of higher level, Green's visit was well-timed, because this last weekend may end up being the most star-studded recruiting weekend of the entire year for the big red. Aside from Green, a five star guy, you had two other five star rated players in running back David Oku and defensive tackle Corey Adams.

Green's first reaction to just seeing Adams was one where he wasn't sure just who Adams was. "I thought he was a visitor or something, because I was like ‘gollee, that guy is huge." Green said. "He's like a Yeti. The guy is just humongous."

Another player pretty high up on the ladder of stars was defensive end Keenan Graham. Green said that before he left Lincoln, he actually got a chance to sit down and talk to Graham, because Keenan wanted to know why Cody chose to the big red.

"This was today, and he already told me that he had been to USC, seen UCLA and said that the atmospheres there didn't touch what he saw at Nebraska," he said. "But he wanted to know why I was going here.

"I said that I had been pretty much everywhere in the south, and when it comes to the hospitality, facilities and fans, there's nothing else even close."

It's hard for anyone to really know what is inside the head of another, especially after an emotional experience like the game this last evening. But Green said of Graham, that knowing where he's already been and what he said to him earlier today, he'll stay in Graham's ear, but he doesn't know much more he really has to do to convince him to be part of the big red.

"I honestly don't think I have to say that much. I think he saw and experienced everything I did. You have a crowd who knows you by name, some of the best facilities you will find, and I told him to look at who the head coach is - one of the best defensive minds in the country," Green said.

On the humorous side, Green said that it was nice his primary recruiter hasn't lost any of his intensity for the game, because before a snap had even taken place against Virginia Tech, linebackers coach Mike Ekeler came over to say ‘hi'.

"He ran across the field and just flew at me giving me a chest bump. I think if you did that outside of the stadium, you might get arrested," Green said with a laugh. "That's my man, right there. He's just one really passionate guy."

With the trip in the rearview mirror, Green says that he never questioned his decision going in, and he's certainly not questioning going out. Point of fact, he's thinking about the future. He knows that in some games where you give it your all, you still might not end up with a win. But he said how Nebraska played during the course of the game and how they handled things afterward, tells him all he needs to know about the place he'll be spending his college career.

"After the game nobody had their heads down, because Coach said that they played as hard as they could, and now it's time to move on. I know how that feels, because as a football player you have to have a short memory," Cody said.

"Against Friendswood this season, we had 12 dropped balls in the first half alone, and that can get you down. But you have to forget about it, because worrying about it will only make that linger into the next game.

"The Husker players already get that. The coaches and them are already on the same page. This early the year, this early in the coaches' career, if they are this close right now, imagine what it's going to be like in the future.

"It's going to be great to be a part of that. I can't wait."

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