Adams comes away impressed

Nebraska had a chance to host Corey Adams this past weekend for the game against Virginia Tech. The five-star, #7 rated defensive tackle in the nation has had a solid top three for a while now, but it seems that list isn't definitive. Have the Huskers added their name to the very short list for Adams?

At 6-foot-3 and 288-pounds, Corey Adams from Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro High School, looks ready to be on the field right now in college.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers got a chance to host Adams this past weekend and it appears that from the report from Adams that the visit was a good one for him and Nebraska.

"It was a good trip," Adams said. "First thing I did was I went and checked out their weight room. I talked with some of the coaches.

"I talked to the physical trainer that they have there. That was it really it. It was just different meetings with the coaches and everyone. I met up with the other recruits and had a pre-game meal."

Before the game, and the real tunnel walk, the recruits leave as the team waits in the tunnel and get a chance to walk out in front of the team. That is an experience in itself according to Adams.

"The tunnel walk was insane. Just being a recruit and walking through there, the fans were treating us like players. The majority of them already knew who we were, that just crazy.

"Walking off of my plane with one of the G.A.'s from Nebraska and some guy came up to me and told me to enjoy my visit.

"Walking around and people were pointing at me. I could read their lips and see that they were saying ‘That's Corey Adams!' It was really insane.

"There was a kid in the stands, next to where I was sitting, and he passed me a football and a pen. I signed it and handed it to the other recruits to have them all sign it."

Adams really thought that the crowd was loud all the way to the end for Nebraska. More than that, he came away impressed with Nebraska's sell out streak.

"That was mind-blowing. They pack over 85,000 fans in that stadium for 40+ years really blew me away."

Adams only has one other school where he saw a game to compare the Nebraska game environment to.

"The only other visit that I have been on was to Arizona State. The fan base that was there at Nebraska completely blew that away."

The next day was spent catching up on the tours of the facilities and doing academic related activities.

"All of the tours of the academic and football facilities were on Sunday. I spoke with all of the academic support people, took a brief tour and then saw the dorms."

Adams saw pretty much what he expected to at Nebraska. There was one thing though that was different there and will be different anywhere.

"It was really all the stuff that I went looking for there and I found it. It was the same stuff, same equipment.

"They do have a machine that a company makes only for them and I think that they cost $10,000 a piece. They were really nice.

"There was the whole Husker Power thing. They have weights that are made just for them. That was pretty cool."

Adams has touted Arizona State, USC and Ohio State as his top three for a while now. With the recent visit to Nebraska, can the Huskers crack that list?

"Nebraska is pretty high. It was really the same thing with the other schools that I am looking at. They are definitely in the same category as Arizona State, USC and Ohio State. I would say that Nebraska has worked their way onto my list."

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