The Midas Touch - Marcus Woods

Don't let the headline mislead you. It was meant to be only slightly sarcastic. It would appear that schools that Woods finds appealing to whatever degree all of a sudden lose coaches. First, Michigan State and now, Nebraska fires three coaches, but on the defensive side of the ball. It's changes like this that have Marcus thinking each decision all over again.

Marcus Woods (Farmington Hills, MI (Harrison HS))-(RB-5'8-180-4.4/40) Having one of your favorite teams go through a coaching change is one thing, but having two of your favorite teams go thru some sort of coaching overhaul is another. Marcus Woods is all about patience and this doesn't bother him at all.

Two of his favorites, Michigan St. and Nebraska, are now both looking for new coaches, while Nebraska's change wasn't as severe; Michigan St. is looking for an entire staff. Marcus has stayed cool during this entire process "Changes can be good, depending on what's done. I'm not going to make any judgment on either school until I see who they have gotten."

What has changed however is that Marcus's favorite list has grown. From originally being Michigan St., Bowling Green, and Nebraska, it has recently been modified to include Wisconsin and Colorado St. "Colorado St. just started calling recently, they've sent letters for awhile, but I didn't think they were that serious." And they are serious about Marcus; make no mistake he will be taking an official to see the Colorado St. campus sometimes in January.

When asked what makes him such an excellent back Marcus had a very hard time deciding on just one thing "I can do a lot, but I guess the best word would be elusive. I'm not going to run many people over, but I can juke almost anyone so I don't need to, then I just outrun them."

Marcus has no outright leader currently which is understandable considering recent events and he is very confident he would not be committing anywhere until the last day.

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