Williams talks about official visit to NU

There's little doubt that from the beginning of the season to last night's game, the Nebraska team needs more players, some depth, especially on the defensive side. Linebacker Chris Williams is just one of the many defensive players in this last weekend seen as someone who could definitely help.

Coming out of his visit, especially after a game like this, Williams said he wasn't disappointed at all. He said he took a lot of good things from his experience in Lincoln.

With the kind of trouncing Nebraska took last night at the hands of the No. 4 Missouri Tigers, fans are usually going to side with two schools of thought:

First, the recruit sees that, and decides that Nebraska just isn't that good, and they are going to start looking another direction.

Second, the recruit sees that the team needs them, looks at it as an early opportunity to play, thereby keeping the team in the mix.

For Williams himself, who arrived Friday so he could spend a lot of time with the players and coaches, he said that it wasn't any of that, and what he brought from the experience are a lot of positives for the future.

"They had a good game plan going in, but there were just plays here and there, and when you face a team like that, it's going to start adding up against you, but it doesn't take anything away from the experience," Williams said. "The fans are like nothing I have ever seen, and it's going to be interesting to see how others compare."

There wasn't any real thought that any of the estimated six official visitors would commit by the time they left Lincoln, no matter how they game went. Williams said of the recruits he talked to, he felt that they felt similarly to him. "I got to hang with Dijon Washington, Anthony Carpenter, Dalton Hilliard and Latu Heimuli. From what I got they are like me - they just want to see how other places stack up with this," he said.

"Coming from a high school game or atmosphere, this place is obviously going to blow it away. So, I know for me I am just eager to see what other schools have and how it compares."

Williams said that from his experience in Lincoln, the Huskers have managed to keep themselves squarely in his thoughts as to the kind of place he'd like to play. But there are teams looming as other places he'll see what it's all about, such as Oregon and LSU.

But the loss didn't mean anything to him, because he said that it wasn't about now, it was about the future, and he said that there are a lot of positive things he draws from his time with the coaches and players of the big red.

"Coach Bo (Pelini), he's going to get that turned around, and you can see that they are going to be a good team, and Coach (Mike Ekeler), who couldn't play for that guy? He could get anyone jacked up to play a game," Williams said.

"I just need to take some more visits, see how everyone stacks up and then figure out what I want to do. But Nebraska is a great place with great fans. There's a lot to like around there."

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