Jeremiah Sirles said visit was "awesome"

With less than 80 yards rushing contributing to the climactic loss to Missouri, one might think that an offensive line recruit is going to start looking the other way. For Jeremiah Sirles, though, he said that what you see now isn't what you get, because he sees the reality of the current situation for the big red.

Hosting a premier offensive line recruit probably isn't the time where you want to reel off under 80 yards rushing for the game. The loss to No. 4 Missouri was bad enough, but it seemed that the offensive line just couldn't get anything going.

Well, there's no better person to ask about the line performance than a young man who will be playing the position himself, and Jeremiah Sirles had a little bit different take. "I don't think they played that badly, because Missouri had some of the fastest linebackers I had ever seen. They were making plays all over the place," Sirles said. "The game didn't go how they wanted, but I think that it wasn't as bad as you might initially think."

Of the visit the, Sirles said that the loss couldn't take away from that experience as well. "It was awesome. It really was. I got to see some sights around Lincoln, and Coach Pelini is such a great guy," Jeremiah said. "After they lost, Coach Pelini wasn't yelling like crazy in the locker room.

"He just said ‘OK, boys, let's get back to work."

Don't think Sirles is allergic to yellers, though, because as Coach Pelini has been know for from time-to-time, he's experienced the other end of a chewing session from a coach. It's good if it's timed right, done right and with the right intentions. "I want a coach who will crawl up your butt when you need it, but also someone who knows when take that down a notch. Coach Pelini seems to me to be that kind of guy," he said. "He took the loss mostly on himself, and said that it was time to go back, get it fixed and move on.

"I honestly can't think of a better way to handle that than he did."

For a while now the top two teams for Sirles have been the Huskers and the University of Oregon. This was visit number one, and Oregon comes up just this next week. Coming out of this visit, some Husker fans might think that Nebraska is now in the rearview mirror, because they assume that recruits think like them.

Sirles obviously can't comment to the fans who are up in arms, but he said he had a memorable experience with the ones he met, and as far as the loss, that doesn't change a thing.

"It was amazing going through the tunnel, coming out and fans not just knowing who you are, but they were saying stuff like I needed to forget Oregon and come to Nebraska," Sirles said. "That was great, and I can honestly tell you that I don't view Nebraska any different now than I did coming in.

"It's a great program, with great tradition and academics that bust all of the stereotypes. I am excited for my visit to Oregon, because I will get to compare the two, and I plan on making my decision after that."

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