Heimuli enjoys Nebraska

Nebraska's needs on the defensive side of the football are evident. More than that, the Huskers would like to close on players that meet the type of profile that they are looking for and meet the needs on the field and off of it. Latu Heimuli is one of those types of players and, after the weekend in Lincoln, the Huskers appear be in the thick of the hunt for his services.

Latu Heimuli, a four-star defensive tackle from Salt Lake City (Utah) Highland, was in Lincoln this weekend. The highly coveted defensive tackle came away impressed.

"I thought the visit went well," Heimuli said alongside Highland Head Coach Brody Benson. "I was really impressed with the trip."

Heimuli elaborated on what he was impressed with when it came to the game. The pre-game activities really caught his eye.

"It was the fans. It was the atmosphere. It was the pre-game. Before the kickoff, the fans were so loud coming out of the tunnel.

"The tunnel walk was nice. The fans were on the side of where we were walking telling us to come there."

The fans didn't stop there. Heimuli mentioned that there were a lot of fans looking to make contact with the recruits and they were ushered out the back.

"After the game, there was a crowd of fans standing around the outside of the football facilities looking for us.

"Instead of going out those main doors into the crowd, we were taken out through a back door to avoid the crowds."

Besides the game, Heimuli came away impressed with the facilities that Nebraska had for their athletes; both the athletic and academic facilities.

"Their academic facilities were really nice. It was great to see that Nebraska has a 94% graduation rate of their players and they are leading in NCAA Academic All-Americans.

"I also thought that the football facilities were nice. Their weight room, locker room and training room were all close and it would be easy to get to all three from one another.

"I also met the strength coach, James Dobson, and he was really intense. He was great to talk with."

The visit by Heimuli got a high rating. The Huskers were already high on Heimuli's list and the visit solidified Nebraska's name on the top of his list.

"I would have to put the visit up there around an "8" or a "9". I was impressed with the Huskervision, atmosphere and academics.

"Nebraska was pretty high on my list already. I can really see myself going there and playing there."

What's left for Heimuli is trying to take some more trips to have a decision made by December.

"I would like to try and make my decision by December. I am going to try and visit Arizona, Oregon State and Colorado."

In the Highland defense, Heimuli can primarily be found from the three-technique along the defensive line as well as on the offensive line as a guard.

"We play a 4-3 and I play the three-technique. I am also playing guard on offense too. It takes a lot to go both ways, so we all have to be in great shape.

"We are 4-3 so far this year and have had some tough games. We are going out and are going to play hard trying to turn this thing around."

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