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Nebraska has been looking for help in their defensive secondary. Five games into the season, the need is evident. The Huskers have had their eye on this particular cornerback for some time. Now, with him finally taking his SAT, it seems that this cornerback is ready to start taking some trips and the Huskers will get the first one.

This summer, Joshua Brown came up from Lancaster (Texas), braved the weather and put on a performance good enough to get him an offer. The 6-foot-0 and 180-pound cornerback says Lancaster is off to a good start, in district play.

"We are undefeated in district," Brown said. "But, we lost three games in pre-season. We are 4-3 right now, but it's important that we are undefeated in district play."

The season is going well for Brown. He is playing both ways for Lancaster and, until last week, not a lot of teams have tried to test him. He has made his presence known in defending the pass and the run.

"I am doing good. It's just been the losing. I average about 5 tackles a game and about average a forced fumble a game. I took an interception back for a touchdown last week."

"I am playing both ways. I don't get a lot of time on offense, but I do play both ways. Teams haven't been challenging me very often. The last couple of weeks no one threw my way."

Recruiting was at a bit of stand still, until now. Brown had to take his SAT and with that behind him he is eyeing a trip back to a school that he saw earlier this summer for camp.

"Now since I have taken my SAT, I am going to go and visit Nebraska. I am going to go up there when they return home for the Baylor game. I have been talking to Utah and will visit them after the season is over."

Brown has been to Nebraska before, but he hasn't seen a game. He also hasn't had a chance to sit down with Nebraska to talk to them about the depth chart and how he fits in.

"I really just want to see their depth chart. I want to know, really, how long it's going to take for me to get on the field. I want to see how I will fit in on their team. I already know about their tradition."

Brown might be willing to pull the trigger early on a decision, but then again it might just wait. "I might wait until signing day, but then again I might make the decision after I make my visits. I really don't know."

The Huskers had been Brown's favorite since summer camp. He says that things are pretty much the same. "Nebraska is still up there. I am still open and a lot of teams are still pushing for me. Nebraska is still my number one though."

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