Hadley waiting it out

With offers from several of the top programs in the nation, Angelo Hadley says he wants to take his five officials before making a commitment. With one visit already in the books, Big Red Report spoke to Angelo about what four other schools might get those visits, and do the home state Gators have an advantage?

Amassing 94 tackles last year from the safety position, 22 coming in one game, gives you an idea of what Angelo Hadley brings to the table. Throw in three interceptions, three forced fumbles, three recovered fumbles and one touchdown and you get the idea. Angelo has a nose for the ball.

"That's just how I play, hardnosed football is my game," said Hadley. "I think that's how safeties should play the game. I play free safety in our defense, we switch from a 3-4 to a 4-3 so I kind of lineup everywhere."

And his strengths on the football field?

"I try to be the most aggressive player to the ball on the football field. I can cover sideline to sideline, so coaches like my range. When the ball is in the air I will make a play on it. I consider myself a hard-hitter as well, I'm not afraid to come up and make that hit."

Angelo says he doesn't have a favorite yet, and plans to take his time through the process.

"I would say my tops schools are North Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, Michigan and USC. They are all pretty even right now. There are a few other schools in there too like Florida and Auburn. I like Florida and everything, but I'm looking at getting out of state for college.

"I've already visited UNC, and I am supposed to be setting up visits to Georgia and Michigan soon. I'll probably visit those two during the season."

What about the Huskers, can they get one of the five?

"Yes sir, they are one of the schools on my list that I want to visit. I would like to visit them, but it will probably have to be after my season. I talked to Coach Tim Beck last week, so we should be setting up that official pretty soon."

Angelo said November would probably be the timeframe for a visit to Nebraska, and said he has no plans to commit until he takes all five officials.

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