In-State Stud talks recruiting

With a first hand perspective, a local kid knows all too well what changes will affect Nebraska the most. Also, as great an athlete as Chris is, it's importance is if NU loses the luster it had because of those changes. Chris spoke about that and talked to us about recruiting and how everything is going thus far.

Chris Leflore (Omaha, NE (Central)) (DB-5'10-180) Being perhaps one the biggest names left in the state of Nebraska that has yet to committed anywhere, Chris is just waiting for the right time. And of course, the right time would most likely be when the first school gives him an offer. "Yeah, right now I don't have an offer, still offerless. It'll come."

For someone who has no offers, Chris is probably the most upbeat person in the world. I asked him about his attitude "I get it from my father. He always told me control the things you can control. And for me that was going out on the field, playing the game of football, I can control things like pushing myself in the weight room, all I can control is doing the very best I can. As for all this other stuff it's out of my hands. The coaches can look at what I did and decide from there. Me worrying about this and that isn't going to change a thing."

But an offer may indeed be coming "The two bright spots I have right now are probably Iowa St., and Nebraska. I went to the Uconn/Iowa St., game. I was in the locker room with the players and their head coach (Dan M.) stopped by and talked to me a bit, he knew my name and everything." Also yesterday (Monday) Dan Young (Nebraska) went up to Chris's high school "He talked to me and EJ (EJ Faulkner) about some things. He wanted to know how we were doing in school and stuff like that. He told us Nebraska was still interested in both of us."

Along with ISU and NU, Chris is also hearing from Northern Iowa, Uconn, Iowa, and Kstate. He hasn't slated any official visits, but has taken unofficials to several different campuses mainly ISU and Nebraska where Chris's older brother plays(Mark Leflore, WR).

I also had the chance to get Chris's reaction about the shake up recently at Nebraska, since he is from Omaha he had plenty to say about it. "Coach Solich is a great coach along with the other coaches there. But, I do agree a change was needed. I do feel sorry for those let go, but I have no doubt they will find another place without much trouble. But, it doesn't affect me in anyway at all if NU were to offer. They'll get some good people in and hopefully improve on what happened this past season. Frank will get everything together and Nebraska will be back where they belong."

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