Huskers and Ducks battling it out

While Nebraska and Oregon don't face each other on the schedule this year, the same can't be said on the recruiting front. This year the Huskers and Ducks are going head-to-head for some of the top talent around the country. Mammoth offensive linemen Jeremiah Sirles is one of those players, and he went in-depth with Big Red Report on his recruitment.

After recently taking officials to his top two schools, Nebraska and Oregon, Jeremiah Sirles from Lakewood (Colo.) Bear Creek high school says he is on the cusp of making a decision. Fresh off his trip to Eugene to see the Ducks play UCLA, he gave us his impressions of the visit.

"It was awesome, I had a great time out there," said Sirles. "Coach Greatwood (offensive line coach) picked me up at the airport and we got to talking and had a blast. Then coach Bellotti took me on a tour of the campus the day of the game, we were on a golf cart.

"That's the first time I've talked to a head coach on game day, so that was pretty cool. After that I just hung out at the hotel before the game."

And the game atmosphere and facilities?

"That stadium is loud, it was ridiculous. All the students were really into the game. Their facilities are all top of the line, just like Nebraska."

It sounds like after seeing his top two in person, another visit might not be needed.

"No, I'm done taking official visits. I think it is time to pack it in and sit back and think about things. I need to sit back for the next couple weeks and digest everything I've seen and been around, and then I will pull the trigger."

Is one school leading over the other?

"I honestly can say no, I am dead serious when I say I have no clue who it will be. I really like both schools, so I need to sit down and really think about this, it's a huge decision."

Silres also mentioned that his parents think he has a tough choice ahead of him as well, as they have both become fond of both universities.

"They are just as confused as I am. They say Nebraska would be awesome because it's close to home and they would be able to come see more of my games, and they really like the coaches.

"But they also really like Oregon and coach Bellotti. So you can see why this is such a hard decision for me. But I really can't go wrong with either one, they are both such top-notch schools. So I know I can't go wrong, I just don't know which one to pick yet."

He also talked about some of the things he will consider as he makes his decision.

"Some of my friends say that Nebraska's record isn't that good this year, but I tell them there are other things you have to think about. This is Bo Pelini's first year in there. You can't just look at where they are now, but where they will be in the future.

"And Nebraska has that big-time five star recruit coming in at quarterback, and from what I've heard he is the next Terrell Pryor-one of those guys that can throw and run. They always have great running backs too, and coach Pelini was brought in to fix the defense, so those are things you have to consider.

"I have also gotten to know one of their offensive line commits, Nick Ash. He is a real nice guy, we get along great."

Sirles said he also had time to watch the Husker game this last weekend while he was on his official in Eugene. Sirles said he saw a lot from Nebraska, even in defeat.

"I was on my downtime when that game was on, so I got to watch almost the entire thing. They almost beat Texas Tech with what, 3 walk-ons starting on defense? That's crazy to even think about. What a game too, they should have won that thing. Their quarterback threw for all kinds of yards, but had that one bad mistake at the end. I felt bad for him.

"It's not like Texas Tech played badly or anything. After the game Coach Leach even said some nice things about the Nebraska program."

So with all that on the table, let's get down to the real question: What is his timeframe for a commitment?

"I'm thinking at the end of October I will be ready to decide, right after my final game (10/23) and before the playoffs start. I want to get it out of the way before those start so I can focus."

As always, Big Red Report will stay on top Jeremiah's recruitment and bring you the latest as it comes in.

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