Popularity rising with a bullet

Sometimes it takes awhile. For the recruit, it can be agonizingly slow. Waiting for the offers, going through your season and when it's over, wondering if the actual recruiting will really begin. Well, for some this is where it's starting to really heat up and for McKeon, his choices have gone from a few to enough to keep him occupied the rest of the year. His star seems to be on the rise.

It's not like Corey wasn't a good athlete during the year. McKeon is one of the best recruits to come out of the state of Illinois and that is saying something. Sometimes though, it takes schools a little while to catch on, but once they do, it goes from sublime to being ridiculous.

Amongst the most recent schools to catch on to what Corey McKeon is offering are the home state of Illinois, South Carolina and Nebraska. Since his rise in popularity, Corey admits that it has changed the way he is thinking about things. "Yeah, it really has." Corey said. "You have to switch your visits, switch what you're doing and narrow it down. You have a lot more numbers than you did before, so you really have to start thinking about where you want to go to school."

Things are much simpler when there are just a couple of schools courting you, but there is a sense of relief now knowing that you will have choices aplenty in front of you. "It's comforting, but at the same time, you still have to find what's right for you." Mckeon stated.

And what is right for McKeon? "I want a good program where I get along with the coaches and it's just a place I feel comfortable." Corey said. "Tradition and wins are nice, but I want it to feel like a good fit most of all."

With the increased size in his list of schools, Corey's list has grown exponentially. The main teams competing for McKeon's services though will end up being those schools he visits and he's got all but one scheduled to take place and this month to boot. He's got Miami of Ohio this weekend, Nebraska the next, South Carolina after that and Wisconsin or Illinois after that and has already been to Purdue.

So, he's not messing around and Corey doesn't intend to. I asked him if he even thought about the idea of waiting until signing day to which her replied simply, "No way. Not even close."

Looks like we won't have to wait long.

The interest is growing for McKeon and he's turned into a pretty hot commodity. With some of the names that have come clamoring for his attention, you can bet that they won't be the only one. He's not waiting around for them though, so what you see now is probably what you get and what that team gets will be one of the best recruits in the state of Illinois.

That's saying something.

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