Physical CB taking his time

Take one look at this kid and he doesn't look like your normal cornerback. Yeah, he's got speed to burn, but he's got the physique to be a safety or even a linebacker. With that kind of physical prowess and the larger more physical receivers around the country nowadays, someone that can actually "bump" in "bump n' run" is a valuable asset. That's just part of the reason for Titus' rising popularity.

Playing cornerback can be a mind game. It's a face-off between two, jawing a little, pushing a little and giving a lot as each decides who wants the ball more. That's between the CB and the receiver. What about the face-off with the quarterback?

As a cover guy who is used to being all by himself for much of the game, few even looking in his direction, Titus has had to find ways to at least create weaknesses in his coverage if to get the QB on the other side to bite, even if it's just once. "You have to make him {the QB} think the receiver has more room than he does." Titus said. "Nobody throws my way, so I have to find ways to make the QB look my direction and throw at my guy. So, I just have to make him think his guy beat me."

In order to do that, you not only have to have some guts and brains, but you have got to have that closing speed that will make up that gap in a very short time. With a 4.3 40, he's got that and the moxy to give his guy a berth that any QB would seem to be foolish not to take advantage of. "You have to be smart about it." Brothers stated. "You just can't start running away from your guy and back, because you still have to figure out where he's going, but if it do it just right, the QB will think he's got the ball in there and just like that, it's mine."

Titus' tenacity at the position is obvious, as is his confidence. That combination along with his aforementioned athletic attributes have brought schools like Arkansas, TCU, Nebraska and Purdue to come bringing offers in hand.

The choices of schools are there, but Titus said that right now, he just isn't in any hurry as he hasn't scheduled officials as of yet. Along with that, no favorites were named, but again, time will tell on that. Heck, Titus didn't even know if he was going to sign on signing day, which is unusual, but thus far, that's just an idea he's throwing around. "I don't know when I am going to sign." Titus said. "I am not sure whether I am going to sign early or late right now."

Ok, so that's one thing he hasn't figured out, but what is easy to figure is that whether it's early or late, whatever team gets him is getting a physical specimen that can cover just about the strongest receivers out there.

My bet is some schools are willing to wait.

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