Solid as they come?

Even when a player commits, people still follow him around. Even when they pledge their services to one team, other teams are going to keep on trying. It's worked at times, others it hasn't. But, what about Brown? Is he teetering on the edge of his pledge to the Aggies and looking for other fields to run? And if so, where? Check the update to find out.

Derrick Brown-Spring TX (Klein OK)-(6'0-185-4.4/40) While having committed to Texas A&M over the summer, there have been whispers and rumors afloat prior to this last weeks happenings that Brown might not be a solid commit to the Aggies.

So tonight I had a chance to speak with him and find out what exactly is going on and to attempt to put this rumors to rest "Right now I'm an A&M commit. I'm solid. But, that could change. I haven't spoken with coach Fran since he's taken over. But, I don't expect my status to change."

Brown was pretty upset at the removal of RC Slocum and did have the following comments "I like Coach Slocum a lot, he was one of the major reasons I went there in the first place. He's one of the most winningest active coaches right now, he's got the best record as a coach as A&M's history. As a recruit I don't think he should have been fired. They had a lot of close games this year and I feel a lot of their losses could be chalked up to injury."

And if something does indeed happen to change his mind and he ends up looking elsewhere he said he would look at a lot of school, but Oklahoma and Colorado would be the front-runners. But as of now he will be taking no officials.

Check out this update on the Inside NU&Recruiting board along with added info. on Derrick, plus tons of other stuff on recruits like interviews you don't see on the front page, actual audio interviews and some of the latest on changes taking place in recruiting around the country

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