Trying to narrow it down

The months are starting to slide away and February is getting that much closer. With most players' seasons done, this is the time where they are trying to narrow their choices down and take their visits. That's what they are trying to do. Sometimes, it's just not that easy.

Tremayne Standberry (Lewisville, TX) DE/TE-6'4-240-4.8/40) One of the top Tight Ends in the nation has been very busy whittling down his top 5 list since we last spoke. He no longer has the leaders he once did, in fact about everything has changed for him.

"Right now LSU is my leader. It's just close to home, they have an offense that suits me just fine. Their tradition is outstanding. It's something I think I'd love to be a part of." Along with the emergence of LSU, his two other favorites he had the last time we spoke, Texas A&M and Nebraska, are no longer on the radar screen what so ever.

With Texas A&M the firing of Slocum had something to do with them dropping in Tremayne's eyes "Coach Slocum was a good guy, I'm not going to say that's the only reason I don't like them as much as I used too, but yeah it was a reason."

The other school was Nebraska "With Nebraska it mainly a distance thing. I know they had some coaching changes, but I decided this before that happened. I want to play closer to home. I don't want to be 12 hours away from my family and friends."

Tremayne has already taken one official to LSU and will only be taking one other before he decides on where to play his college ball. "I'm going to go up to Oklahoma St here soon and see what they're like. After that I'm going to sit down with my family talk things over and go from there."

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