Playing the waiting game

When you are one of the hottest players at your position in the state of California, that's enough to make you a hot commodity. When you couple that with playing on one of the premier teams in the state (Mater Dei), that's another mark for you. When it comes to schools wanting you to play for them, it should be only a matter of time.

Rafael Rice-Santa Ana, CA (Mater Dei)-(RB-6'0-200-4.48/40-32 ½"/Vert-495/squat) Considered one of the top running backs in the state of California and add the fact that he just may play in the toughest conference in the nation, Rafael Rice should be a high priority for many colleges across the nation. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem that way.

"Right now I'm still waiting for my first offer. I've been in contact with coaches from here or there, but no one has offered me anything, yet." While you can tell Rafael is a good natured kid, you can also tell this is all starting to wear on him. "We're playing in the semi-finals this week, supposedly some coaches are coming to watch. Hopefully, something happens then."

Rafael's top schools still remain the same with Nebraska being the clear favorite, but schools such as Notre Dame, Colorado, Arizona St., UCLA, and Ohio St., aren't that far behind "Right now who ever offered me would probably get me, it would show me that they think enough of me to put forth an offer."

There has been speculation that school are more interested in Rafael as a LB than as a running back, when I asked him about it he replied "No school has mentioned that to me. I'm not against it at all. I'll play wherever they want me to play."

Rafael is fully qualified scoring a 22 on the ACT.

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