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The name Antonio Bell hasn't been thrown around lot lately. Known only to Husker fans as one of a few non-qualifiers for the 2008 class, the plan was always that Bell would end up a Husker, but when? Bell set out on a plan to get qualified and enroll a semester late. Is Bell still in-line to join the Cornhuskers for the spring semester in Lincoln?

There were some key losses to the 2008 class because of non-qualifiers. One of those key losses was Antonio Bell who might have had a chance to come in and play this fall or, at the very least, could have benefited from the summer and fall in Lincoln before spring ball.

Bell played as a freshman for Daytona (Flor.) Mainland High School which has a lot of tradition of being a football powerhouse in Florida. According to Coach Oglesby from Mainland, Bell is a polished route runner who has good speed (4.49/40) to go along with great leaping ability.

A player like Bell would be an asset to the team and coaches of Nebraska. However, Bell failed to immediately qualify out of high school and has set out to try and get qualified for the '09 spring semester in Lincoln. Has he accomplished his goal?

"I have been hanging in there," Bell said. "I have been working on my test score so I can enroll at Nebraska. I will be taking the test this Saturday. I haven't taken it yet."

The plan to hang back in Florida and achieve the proper test score is something that Bell worked out with Nebraska. The reason behind this decision had to due with the marginal improvement Bell needed on the test score to qualify.

"I only needed one point on my test score to qualify. I am aiming for more than one point. However, it's just one point that I need to get to qualify to play division one football at Nebraska."

Without football and other coursework to distract Bell, he has been working out to prepare himself to take the test this weekend. He's hopeful that he can get a passing score and get up to Lincoln.

"Yes sir. I am going to my old high school to work with one of the teachers who is giving me some helpful hints and tips about the test and things that I can do to improve my score."

Sometimes, after a period of trying to get qualified again, a player and a school might part ways, but not in this particular case. Nebraska has stood by Bell and Bell is thankful for that.

"I am very excited about the opportunity to still become a Cornhusker. They haven't given up on me. They keep encouraging me and I am very excited."

Bell caught two games of Nebraska so far this season. Both of them happened to be losses, but Bell came away with a positive impression about the direction of the team and the program.

"I saw the Missouri and the Texas Tech game. Those were the only two that were on television in Florida. I was very impressed with the Tech game even with the mistake that happened at the end. I was very impressed with their play."

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