Sirles makes his choice

After taking officials to his top two schools, Nebraska and Oregon, Jeremiah Sirles set a date of October 24 to make his decision. And after careful consideration with his parents, that choice has been made. Big Red Report just spoke to the talented linemen, is it the Huskers or Ducks for the standout from Colorado?

Picking a college for high school senior is one of the biggest decisions a teenager can make. As Jeremiah Sirles from Lakewood (Colo.) Bear Creek high school can attest to. But after thinking things through, today he decided to pull the trigger.

"It's Nebraska for me," said Sirles. "I sat down Tuesday night with my parents, and they asked me about the pros and cons of each school. When we took a look at all the things both schools had to offer, Nebraska just came out on top. I'm just so excited to be a Husker."

Sirles said when he gets to Lincoln, he already has an idea how he would like to start his career at Nebraska.

"I definitely want to come in and red-shirt. I really need to get used to the college life and the school first. I want to let them help me get big and strong, learn the playbook, and then have at it. I think a red-shirt will be good for me."

It appears his parents were also glad he chose the Big Red.

"My parents are both really happy with my decision, they think it's a perfect fit. They were so awesome during this whole thing. They never said, you need to go here or there, they just told me to go with what I felt was right, and that was Nebraska."

Jeremiah also spoke about how he informed the Husker coaching staff about his decision.

"I called coach Cotton to let him know, he was real excited when I told him I was going to be a Husker. He was at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) getting his driver license when I called.

"It was funny because they have a sign that says absolutely no cell phones in there. Coach Cotton told me he didn't care, he said I'm breaking the law by talking to you in here, but it's worth it. We both laughed pretty hard about that.

"I'm really excited to work with him for the next four or five years."

Now for the question all Husker fans want to know, how solid is the commitment.

"I didn't rush into this decision, and I keep my word. I'm a Husker now and that's all there is to it, I'm done."

Sirles also had a message for the Husker Nation.

"Tell them I'm real excited to get up there and play for them, I'm a Husker and it feels good."

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