Winding down

It's go time now. Alex Logan and Denver (Colo.) Mullen are about to enter the post-season. Every year at Mullen there are expectations. There are expectations about winning all of the games up until playoffs and then right on through the playoffs. Logan and his team had a great record, but they know that they must continue to work hard to get to that final goal.

The season has gone very well for Alex Logan and Denver (Colo.) Mullen. The 6-foot-2 and 195-pound safety says that the regular season has ended and they are now focused on a state title.

"We are 7-2," Logan said. "The regular season ended last week. This week we are in the playoffs and play Fort Collins in the first round. We haven't played them since I have been there before."

The two losses for Mullen were unexpected. There are always high expectations at Mullen for the football team and when they fall it makes them want to win even more.

"We always expect to be undefeated. Losing those two games during the season just makes us want to work harder and makes us want to win state even more."

Logan is a key cog for the defense, but it's not because he has big numbers. What Logan does by just being on the field is take part of the field away from opposing offenses. Regardless, his play at safety is well-rounded.

"I don't know how many tackles, but I have only had one interception. I don't think that teams throw a lot against us or because they just decide not to go deep on us when they do throw. Every time they throw the ball, it's not deep, it's underneath and I am never really by the ball to make a play.

"I can defend the pass, but I also like to come up and strop the run. I also like the blitz. I really like to defend the pass, but that hasn't happened a lot. I like both of them. Hitting a receiver is a lot easier than a running back coming through the line."

The trend on big safeties isn't going away anytime soon. Logan has very good size, but it hasn't been mentioned to him a lot about the possibility of moving down to play linebacker a lot before and there is no talk of it now.

"No, not really. Vanderbilt was talking about doing that in the beginning of the process, but now they are talking about just leaving me at safety. Safeties are getting bigger and bigger all the time."

There isn't a clear sense of what might be the next move for Logan. He has taken four visits, Arizona State, Nebraska, California and Oregon, but taking that fifth is up in the air. There are a couple of schools who might get that last trip.

"I am not sure. I think that we might take another visit, but I am not sure to where. I would have to talk to my dad, but maybe to Washington to see my brother or to Colorado.

"My brother, Alvin Logan, is a red shirt freshman at Washington and plays receiver. He's two years older than I am. I am just not sure where we will go on that last trip yet."

If there is one thing through the recruiting process that is necessary to figure out then it's seeing the honesty on the visits. Logan has worked real hard in seeing how people come off and figuring out if that is the way that it really is.

"Pretty much every place you go is going to show you a good time. You just have to see how the coaches come off as people to you on those visits. Do they seem like their genuine and treat you the way you should be treated?

"Are you just going to go there and get told what you want to hear? Are you going to go there and be told something that they can't guarantee? Are you going to go there thinking the job is open and find out the job isn't open?"

One of the schools where he knows the people and the situation are real is at Nebraska. Logan got a good sense for the head coach and the direction of the program.

"It was real at Nebraska. Coach Bo Pelini has brought a new energy to that team. His players really like him. They are going to continue to get better."

If there is one glaring need at Nebraska it might be for some help in the secondary and particularly at safety. Logan can fit that bill and says that Nebraska is still on his list of favorites.

"I could probably bring a safety that is not afraid to come up and make the hit. A safety that isn't afraid of tackling bigger running backs or faster receivers. I am just an all-around safety. They are still one of my favorites."

So, there are the playoffs and another visit, possibly, pending for Logan. All of that and he might have a decision in the next month or so means that he will be busy a very busy man.

"I might decide in maybe in about three weeks or so. I would like to maybe make that last trip to another school and then maybe make a decision."

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