Dent looking closer at Nebraska

Nebraska is still looking for another DT and some DEs for this 2009 class. How about a player that can do both? That is exactly what Randal Dent, Jr. can do from Grand Prairie (Texas) South. Recently, the Huskers have been making a big push to get a visit from the defensive lineman, but it seems that will have to come after the season and after another visit.

The season is winding down for Randall Dent and Grand Prairie (Texas) South. The 6-foot-5 and 255-pound defensive lineman says that senior night is this Friday and that this season has gone pretty much as it was expected.

"It's going good," Dent said. "We are 6-3. We are good for the playoffs. We were expected to make the playoffs and have a good season. There were some bumps in the road, but we are having a good season."

Dent is having a solid year, personally, as well. He is getting close to double-digits on his sack total and is moving around the defensive line giving offenses fits that try and stop him.

"I am doing pretty well. I know that I have eight sacks right now. I don't know how many tackles I have, but I am doing what I hoped to do this year. I am playing well.

I am playing the three technique and the five technique; most of the time I am at the five. I am being recruited to play both; it just depends on the school. I like playing both and will play either."

Recruiting is also going strong for Dent right now. Dent is still looking heavily at LSU, but there are three or four other teams that have been recruiting him harder that he is interested in visiting.

"I am still considering LSU. As far as other schools that are really showing interest there is Kansas, Nebraska and Texas Tech. I haven't taken any visits yet.

"My first visit will be to Kansas and that will be in December. I would like to visit Nebraska and Texas Tech. I would also like to visit Arizona and some other schools."

The other teams that Dent would like to visit will have to wait until after the season to get a chance to host him. He doesn't want any more distractions right now.

"All of my trips are going to be after the season. I don't know when they will be. I am just concentrating on the season and trying to focus on finishing this thing out."

Earlier this year, Dent didn't know a lot about Nebraska and wasn't considering them a lot. Nebraska's efforts to get Dent have increased and he has learned a lot about Nebraska from his recruiting coach.

"It's kind of grown on me. The more that I have gotten to know about them, and I talk to Coach Tim Beck a lot, and every time we talk he tells me about the program a lot and I know more about them now then I did then."

When Dent takes his visits it will be after the regular seasons have ended. Still, Dent knows what he is looking for on his trips whether or not there is a football game or not.

"I just want to see if I am a good fit for the school. I am taking visits to schools that I have never seen before so I want to get a good feel for the campus. I just want to know if I will be able to fit in is the main thing."

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