Four offers for JR QB

The process starts a little sooner for next year's class year after year. Austin Hinder has been making unofficial trips since the summer of his junior year to prospective schools and when September 1 rolled around he was already sitting on four very nice offers. The 6-foot-5 and 180-pound quarterback is now looking at a deep run in the playoffs.

It's not very often that a team has a chance to ride a junior into the playoffs, but that is what Steamboat Springs (Colo.) is doing with Austin Hinder. Hinder, a 6-foot-5 and 180-pound quarterback, is looking for some vengeance this post-season.

"The season is going great," Hinder said. "Right now we are 6-1. We lost to the #1 team in the state. I hope to see them in the state championship."

If there is one thing about this season that Hinder might improve beyond the one loss then it might be his personal stats. The real story of success though is one of team and not of individual accomplishment.

"Right now, I have completed about 58% of my passes. I need to be in the high-60's, I know. I am starting to get on a roll though right now.

"I have thrown for nine touchdowns and five picks. That has to stop. I have 500 yards rushing and just less than 1,000 yards passing right now."

Hinder has that ability to leave the pocket and get yards, but that isn't what he wants to do as a quarterback. The run comes second only after he can't throw the football.

"I love to drop back and sling the ball then if nothing is open I will run. I would rather throw it and then if there isn't anything I will run. I don't want to get sacked.

"I am a pro-style quarterback, but I can move. I am much more of a passer than a runner. I can just run along with being able to throw the ball."

Hinder is sitting on a pair of offers from Big 12 schools and a pair from PAC 10 schools. He is looking for some very key things when it comes to his college decision.

"I have picked up four offers so far. I have offers from California, Kansas State, Nebraska and Stanford. I am looking at location a lot.

"I am really looking at where I want to live the next four years. It's location, the coaches, academics, how good the team is, the direction of the team and if the coaches are going to be there or move around."

Location isn't about staying close to home necessarily for Hinder. "Location isn't about staying close to home. I just want to go somewhere that I am comfortable. I am really liking California right now and that isn't close to home."

This was a busy summer for Hinder who made around a half-dozen trips to California for various camps and combines. He has also taken in some games this fall at some nearby schools.

"I went out to Cal about six times. I went there for Elite 11, the Stanford Nike camp, a camp at Cal and two Steve Clarkson camps. I have been to Colorado and Colorado State."

Hinder is wide open mainly because time is on his side. He wants to go through the process and take a look at the schools that interest him.

"I have interest in everyone right now. I have a while to go through the process and choose. I want to really get a feel for all of the schools."

A school that has offered, but Hinder doesn't know a lot about is Nebraska. He has been trying to reach the Nebraska staff, but he knows it's tough because they can not return his calls.

"I don't know a whole lot about them. I know that they have a great football program, that's for sure, and I think that they are usually a top team in the nation. Their fans are really crazy about football.

"It's a good place at Nebraska. I am really interested in them. I have been trying to get a hold of their staff, but they can't call me back."

There are a handful of other schools that Hinder wants to take a look at. This spring, he is going to start lining up junior days and just hit as many as he can.

"I would like to see Texas. I would also like to see Missouri, Penn State and Missouri. I would like to see them too. I am going to figure out all the junior days I can go to and go one to another."

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